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Journaling Prompts for Mindfulness in the Holiday Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hawaii chapter.

New Year resolutions are always popular towards the end of the holiday season, but why don’t we try to be mindful of our lives and habits before the end of the year? I’ve only recently started journaling but I have already found a few prompts that I really enjoy. Today I would like to share those prompts with you to start your journey of gratitude and mindfulness before New Years!

Name 5 people in your life you are grateful for. What is it about them that makes you appreciate them so much?

I think it’s important to think about the people around you during the holiday season. With this journaling prompt, allow yourself to reflect on the people that matter most to you. How do they push you to be your best self? How do they make you laugh on your darkest days? 

Today, I release… Tomorrow, I welcome…

This is one of my favorite prompts I have used so far. What I enjoy most about this one is I can write a list. If you aren’t in the mood to write, this prompt is perfect for you. On one side of the list, write down any negative habits, feelings, and anything else that isn’t positively serving you. On the other side, write down the opposite. Any good habits, feelings, and goals you want to start working toward after today. 

What are some areas in your life you wish to be more mindful of?

Sit down and write the things you wish to be more mindful of. Sometimes in life we get into such a routine that we seem to be on autopilot. Where do you wish to be more present? How can you work towards it? For example, if you always rush in the morning, think about waking up earlier to enjoy a cup of coffee, listen to music, or read a book. 

What worries you most currently? What steps can be taken to tackle this issue or calm or anxiety?

Personally, I struggle with processing my fears and frustrations. This prompt is one that allowed me to sit and reflect on what was causing me to be so anxious. From that point, it was a lot easier for me to decide what my next steps should be in order to address the problem. Once I allowed myself to create a concrete plan towards addressing my problem, I came to the realization that therapy was something I could sign up for in order to help with my anxiety. I hope this prompt helps you too.

What are three things I can do for myself today?

Whether it’s school, work, or anything else that may take up your time, it can be easy to forget to take care of yourself. Sit and think about three different things you can do to make your day, week, or month a little more bearable. Wear a face mask, do your nails, go online shopping for those shoes you’ve been convincing yourself were too expensive. You deserve to treat yourself! 

I hope these journal prompts work for you and allow yourself to find a new way to be mindful. Remember that this practice is not a chore! Journal whenever you feel called to do it. Making it a standard habit that you enjoy takes time. Allow yourself to be happy and find what makes you happy along the way. Happy Holidays!

University of Hawaii at Manoa :P Pre-Nursing Major and aspiring Pediatric Diabetes Educator