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If You Need Help Motivating Yourself:

We all have a long list of things we want to accomplish in our lives. Some of these goals seem big and others seem small, but the size itself doesn’t matter because sometimes, for whatever reason, our goals just seem out of reach. You know you can do it if you really tried, but the actual act of trying and the expense of energy towards accomplishing something seems wasteful; especially in light of all the other things, you know you have to do. So sometimes we make excuses for not doing what we want to do. We justify not starting because we simply can’t find the energy to actually do it. Something that isn’t even that hard looks so far away and you can’t fathom how you’ll ever reach it. 

Motivation is a tricky thing. We’re born into a society that makes things look easy from the outside. More than that, we applaud the minimal effort that can create the large things that we wish we could do, but we would never try to do since “we’re not as naturally talented.” However, the truth is far from that. You create your own destiny. And whether you have the motivation at this moment or not, you should try to do it anyway.

This isn’t to say you need to be working hard at all. Little work here and there does add up and a day or a week of time off is always essential to recalibrate yourself. Don’t be ashamed just because you’re finding it hard to find the will to move forward. If you’ve found yourself in a similar rut for some time now, one that’s been keeping you from doing what you want to do, maybe it’s time to take action, even if you feel you don’t have the energy right now.

If you need help mustering up some motivation, know this: You can do it. And when you do, do it, it will be great. Why? Because you did it. There’s going to be so many other great feelings of euphoria that will accompany you on your task as you get closer to finishing it, whether it is finishing writing a book, completing an hour of training/exercising at the gym, finishing an oil painting, or submitting applications to possible new jobs. Remember you are the only person capable of accomplishing things for yourself, and the daunting outcome on your future of whether you succeed or not isn’t important. The future will work itself out no matter what you do, so you just have to do the things that you want to!

You won’t always feel like trying, and sometimes it will seem pointless. But if you’re able to slap that voice in your head away and just start now, you’re one step closer to completing whatever your goal was. If you do that every single day, you’ll be done before you know it. It will also become easier and easier to motivate yourself to just do it

You are the master and creator of your own future, take the power back into your own hands, and do whatever it is you’ve been wishing or hoping to start. 

I believe in you.

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