ICYMI: Filipino movies are now available on Netflix

Rejoice fellow Filipino-Americans! Netflix finally added a bunch of Filipino movies for everyone to enjoy. We can finally binge-watch Filipino movies with our family and friends. And of course, yay for subtitles! With such easy access, fans of foreign films can finally check out Filipino movies too. Here’s an introductory list of must-see Filipino films to add into your international movies on Netflix binge list: 

  1. 1. That Thing Called Tadhana

    "Tadhana" is the Filipino word for “fate” but in Filipino pop culture, it’s better translated as “meant to be.” On a flight back to Manila from Rome, a heartbroken woman named Mace met a fellow passenger named Anthony. The two became close and went on a trip together as they both try to mend their hearts. As they try to find the answer to “where do broken hearts go?”, viewers will question the idea of “meant to be.”

  2. 2. Four Sisters and a Wedding

    A classic Filipino comedy-drama, four sisters unite in an attempt to stop their youngest brother’s wedding to a woman from a rich and demanding family. As they try to set up plans to stop the wedding, the Salazar sisters slowly reveal relationship issues in their family. This movie will either make you cry of laughter or cry sad-happy tears.

  3. 3. Seven Sundays

    Four siblings get together to spend the time with their father during his last few weeks. This wholesome drama movie explores family drama between their relationships with each other. "Seven Sundays" will definitely make you value the people around you even more.

  4. 4. Kita Kita

    "Kita Kita" is a Filipino sentence that translates to “I see you.” This romantic-comedy explores Lea’s daily life in Japan, as someone who lives with temporary blindness. She befriends a neighbor, who also happens to be a fellow Filipino. Lea and Tonyo spend time together that will eventually strengthen their relationship. "Kita Kita" will really make you question the saying, “love is blind.”

  5. 5. She’s Dating The Gangster

    One of the first Wattpad movie adaptations in the Philippines, this coming of age romantic-comedy explores two college students with opposite personalities. Kenji is one of the famous students in the university along with his gang of skateboarder friends. While Athena is one of the students that just go about their day doing school work. From a make-believe relationship to catching real feelings, "She’s Dating The Gangster" is set in two periods of time in hopes of bringing two people back together.