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I Stopped Using Shampoo and My Hair Has Never Been Healthier

Okay I know that sounds gross, but let me explain. You might already know that most shampoos contain harmful sulfates and chemicals that leave residue on your hair and scalp. They can strip your strands of moisture, leading your scalp to actually produce more oil to compensate! Saying “no” to shampoo isn’t saying “no” to hygiene; it can mean saying “yes” to healthier hair.

Not using shampoo doesn’t mean not washing your hair  —  because that would be gross  —  it just means washing your hair in more natural ways. Some of the most popular choices for the “no poo” (bare with me) people out there are rye flour, honey, egg, and lemon juice. When used properly, these all-natural cleaners can control oil production, smooth hair, and encourage healthy growth.

As someone with a history of bleaching, dying, and generally abusing my poor hair, I am always looking for ways to show it a little love. Product after product failed me, so I was ready to try anything. Just like a lot of people I was obviously skeptical of abandoning shampoo at first, but after a few weeks I noticed my hair felt softer, looked thicker, and my ends were less frizzy.

If you’re looking to try something new for your locks, consider doing some research to see if the “no poo” method is right for you. Just like any beauty routine change, this one takes some time. When I made the change, there was a week or two of weirdness as my hair and I adjusted to the new system, but that was to be expected. Your scalp can’t quit shampoo cold turkey; there’s a short transition period. It’s best to wean off the sulfates slowly. Your hair may seem a little more oily at first, the texture may change a bit, but don’t panic! That’s just your scalp reacting to the new process, and it won’t last long. Shampoo less and less frequently until you are ready to kick it out of the shower completely. Get in the habit of rinsing your hair with only cool water, making sure to scrub your scalp with your fingertips. Once every week or two, wash with egg and honey, rye flour, or something stronger like apple cider vinegar. You’ll want to look into which of these is best for your hair type and specific needs. Your hair is unique after all, and it may take some time to figure out what type of washing routine is best for you.

Bridget is an English major with a passion for good story-telling. A Bay Area native, she loves hiking, swimming, camping, and especially napping. She splits most of her time between coaching the YMCA swim team, working her restaurant job, keeping up with school, and hanging out with friends... but her favorite evenings are spent with a good wine and a better book.
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