How to Make Your Style Stand Out

As a fashion major, I focus a lot on having my own personal style that stands out from the crowd. It is important to me that I don’t just wear something because it is what’s trending, but because I actually like the clothing and styles and know that I can rewear them even when another fad has risen. It took me years to not only find my personal style, but make it individualistic and specific to my personality rather than looking like everyone else. Finding and perfecting my personal style was not something that I just stumbled on, but it was something that took experimenting and trying out new things.  

The first tip I have in stepping up your style is with jewelry. Jewelry is something that comes in so many shapes and sized that you can always find something that will fit your aesthetic. You can choose between earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings to add some more detail to your outfit. Not only do you have a wide variety of different types of jewelry, but there are countless different styles to choose from. There are brands that are more simplistic and sell smaller, more subtle pieces. On the other hand, there are also brands that sell jewelry that is big and loud. These pieces can be a centerpiece to your outfit and something to build your outfit off of rather than the other way around. You can also choose between any color you want, whether it’s matte or shiny, plain or patterned, and the list goes on and on. Jewelry is one of my favorite ways to spice up my outfits. It is so diverse and there is something for everyone.  

My next tip to spicing up your style is through the use of color. Currently, there is a monochromatic trend in which all parts of your outfit are one color. Although having one color in your outfit is trending and in fashion, having just one color throughout your outfit may make the outfit seem a little boring. To make things a little more interesting, try adding one contradicting color. This can be through a bright piece of jewelry, a belt, a pair of bright shoes, or other accessories. Having one accessory that stands out from the rest of the outfit will add some interesting detail without ruining it. It’s important not to add something so crazy that it draws the eyes away from the rest of the outfit.  

Spicing up your outfit can also be done by adding complementary garments to your outfit. Adding a jacket, a scarf, or wearing a certain pair of shoes can make your outfit seem much more stylish. On the other hand, wearing a jacket or a certain pair of shoes can also be used to dress-down an outfit rather than dressing it up. For example, wearing a knee-length black dress with high heels looks like you’re going out to a nice dinner whereas wearing the same black dress with a pair of converse makes the outfit much more casual and laid back. Another complementary garment that is perfect for the times we are currently in is your mask. We wear a mask where ever we go regardless of what we are wearing. If you have to wear a mask anyways, why not make it part of your outfit? Some fashion brands have even designed accessories that you can attach to your mask to make it more fashionable. This can be done by adding creative ear loops, attaching a necklace to your mask, pinning on jewels to the mask, and more. I personally love this trend because it makes us embrace and utilize the mask to not only protect ourselves and others, but also helps add some more detail to our outfits. 

Saving the best for last, my favorite way to spice up your style is through thrifting and refashioning old clothes. Going to a thrift store is both fun, cheap, and allows your creativity to run free. There are so many tutorials that show how to turn old clothes into new treasures. This is also something that anyone can do, not just those who are creatively inclined. It's easy to crop a shirt, cut off the sleeves of a garment, or even make a skirt into a shirt or the other way around. Not only does this save money through making new clothes out of old ones rather than buying something brand new, but it also gives the outfit or garment more personality and character because the piece has history.  

The last piece of advice that I have for spicing up an outfit is by wearing your outfit with confidence. Confidence is easily the most important part of your outfit. If you don’t feel good in what you are wearing, then you are not going to want to show it off or feel good about yourself. Your personal style should not be about wearing something simply because it is in style or what is trending, but rather it needs to be something that makes you feel beautiful and confident.