How to Hawaii-fy Fall 2017 Trends

If you’re like me, you love fall clothing, but you moved to Hawaii where you can’t wear your beloved boots and snuggly scarves. However, I’m here to help you keep up with the fall 2017 fashion trends and “Hawaii-Fy” them!


Plaid has been checkering the runways this fall. Tired of your old flannels? Need something new? No sweat! Put away your flannels, you island babes. Instead, channel your inner Clueless with a plaid skirt.

Ankle Boots

Boots are my all-time fav. While you may not be able to get away with wearing tall, knee length boots here, you can definitely kick-it some cute booties during late fall and early winter. Not fall enough for you? Try out the velvet and embroidered boots that we’re totally crushing on this fall. Check out these ones from Forever 21! [Insert heart-eye emoji].

Florals and Frills

Referred to as "Artsy Bourgeois," this trend includes lots of florals, frills, and embroidery! Think “grandma’s couch.” This is a trend that’s easy-peasy to Hawaii-fy. Florals are sprouting up everywhere, and have you seen Target’s new line of embroidered items? Cah-ute!

Faux Fur

Perhaps the hardest one to adapt to Hawaii is the fur that has been scattering all the runways this fall. It’s ~way~ too hot to wear a fur coat here in Hawaii; so, on one of our “chilly” 67-degree days, you could try rocking a faux fur vest. Or, amp up your living space with a faux fur rug.


We’ve seen lots of velvet tops this fall. From American Eagle to Forever 21, you should have no trouble finding a cute velvety tank top that is perfect for any Christmas party this Hawaiian winter. Here's one from Charlotte Russe that ~totally~ has us blushing.

In the end, there’s no reason we can’t embrace the fall trends too—even while we’re trapped on our little island in paradise. So grab your wallet and get to shopping, collegiettes!