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After Months of Holistic Healing, Have I Really Healed Online?

I’ve never been the one to delve into spiritual stuff at all. I grew up thinking that any kind of healing would only come from medicine. It wasn’t until I moved out of the house and searched for therapeutic practices that I realized how varied healing could be.

When I first was looking for therapy, I saw that some would offer other services like hypnosis. But, there were always disclaimers that holistic practices like that weren’t accepted. I eventually did go through Cognitive Behavioral therapy thinking that was the only thing I could go into. Don’t get me wrong, it is pretty helpful and everyone should go to therapy to practice good mental health. But, I still felt that something was missing for me where I didn’t feel any major resolve in any way.

In the latter half of my junior year, I took up an online meditation class that was an introduction to anything holistic. Aside from learning different types of meditation practices, I learned about the seven chakras of our bodies and the need to cleanse them. We would always begin class with my teacher ringing a meditation bowl and then have a lecture sandwiched between two meditation practices. Having done this for a whole semester was a complimentary way to mitigate the stress from the other classes I was taking. I always felt that I had a weight lifted off my back after every class. It was relieving to finish off some packed days with a class where the only thing I had to do was show up of course. Yet, I actually could feel that I was letting go of long-term baggage or small stressors from the day in my mind.

After that class concluded, I wanted to continue my journey into holistic healing. One of the summer classes required me to experience anything holistic as an assignment, so there was no way I couldn’t try more things. Soon, I found myself taking up individual Reiki healing sessions with a local healer while I was back home for the summer. Our sessions were also online, and I was a bit doubtful that I wouldn’t get the full experience as if I were to be in-person. These sessions were quite personal because my aura and the state of my chakras were being read. It was like any other type of therapy session, but you have the wellness of your body as a major aspect. Something that peaked my interest was how the healer would notice the auras of some other people around me, such as my family who I was staying with at the time. It was kind of freaky how accurate some of the things the healer would say to describe a family member and even myself.

Like meditation sessions, I also practiced slow breathing techniques. However, the healer would be the one to pull out the bad energies out of me. I’ve realized that I had to put trust that the healer was advocating for me. It was easy to do that when we were talking like girl friends talking about their weekly recaps at a relaxing brunch with mimosas.

In all, I’m still pretty new to the whole holistic wellness thing. These experiences have made me feel better and have helped with managing stress, which is something that I don’t quite know how to grasp that well if you know me. Maybe it’s because I actually set out time to focus on myself where I slow my breathing for an hour or so. But, these experiences have taught me to look into myself. I consider being online for such practices to be a good introduction the realm of holistic healing, and I would recommend trying it once even when the world would be out of the pandemic.

Francheska is a Psychology & Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Double Major at UH Mānoa. She is in her senior year of undergrad and hopes to pursue a Masters in Counseling Psychology in the incoming future. Her hobbies consist of painting, listening to music, beaching, and enjoying what life has to offer. To connect more with her, check out her instagram at @francheskacalara_
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