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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hawaii chapter.

This past week, I had the absolute pleasure of going on my second ever trip to the continent to see Harry Styles live in concert. This article will be mostly about Harry and the journey to get there, but I did experience a lot of firsts on this trip, so I’ll be talking about that as well.

Initially, my friends and I were not planning on going on a trip anytime soon since each of us went on a trip at the beginning of the year. The thing that got the ball rolling was my best friend, Marjorie, seeing a post from Harry about this tour and her sending it to us as a joke. She said “Let’s go see Harry Styles for my birthday” and the group took it seriously. I thought this was one of those “let’s go here” messages to the group chat that never actually happens.

But after months of planning and spending a ton of money buying tickets to everything, we were on our way! Just in case someone reading this hasn’t been on a trip, here’s what I dropped big bucks on before the trip: Airfare ticket, concert ticket, Disneyland ticket, Universal Studios ticket, Airbnb, and car rental. I wish someone had told me beforehand that it is EXPENSIVE trying to do a lot of first time stuff on a trip.

During this trip, I went to Disneyland and Universal for the first time! Disneyland was an absolute dream and I can see why all of my classmates went every Summer during Elementary School. I was so incredibly happy to be there and my best friends told me that they could see my inner child coming out and healing! On the contrary, Universal kind of sucked but it might have been because it was pouring so hard. I tried to prepare by wearing a beanie and hoodie and brought a poncho, but none of that helped with the rain. Maybe I’ll go again next time when it isn’t pouring rain.

The days coming up to the Harry Styles concert were absolutely nerve wrecking. Harry had to postpone three of his concert days to January because he was feeling ill. And it was way too close to our concert day. He had moved his shows from November 5, 6, and 7 to January 26, 27, and 29. We were set to see him on November 9, so you can see just how close it was. If he had cancelled our show, we would have died on the inside. We had to fly out from Hawaii to California and call out of work for a week just to be on that trip.

Thankfully, the show went on!!

For my concert fit, I had to find something to match with the color yellow. My friends and I were all a different color of the rainbow and I got yellow. So I got a yellow and orange outfit to go with my yellow feather boa and heart glasses. The top had this swirly design on it, and my bottoms were light orange bell bottoms with hearts. I also bought 2-inch platformed Filas for this outfit to help with my height. Long bell bottoms on a 5’2” person doesn’t work very well. If you’re interested in seeing my outfit, I posted it on my Instagram with a cheesy caption.

Seeing Harry Styles live was so surreal. If you had told pre-teen Mary that I was going to see Harry Styles live in concert, she would not have believed you. Sitting in the Kia Forum and singing along to Best Song Ever before the concert was kind of a sad moment because I really want One Direction to reunite, but I don’t see that happening any time soon.

Harry’s vocals live are amazing!! And the atmosphere in the arena was so great and warm. At the beginning of his concert, he said that their job was to entertain us and our only job was to have as much fun as possible and that we could be whoever we have always wanted to be. That warmed my heart because I know that many Harries stan him because of how inclusive and loving he is.

My favorite song during the entire concert was probably “Treat People With Kindness”. The entire arena was singing along and dancing. I had the biggest smile on my face and it was wonderful to scream out the lyrics with my best friends. Hearing “Matilda” live was such a sad yet happy moment for me. The song is so special to me because I relate to it so much and to see Harry in front of me, singing it, had me sobbing. The video I took is really just me bawling my eyes out while trying to sing “You can throw a party full of everyone you know, and not invite your family”.

Overall, this experience was AMAZING!! 10/10! I would definitely recommend seeing Harry live. He really knows how to put on a good show and you’ll get your money’s worth. The venue that I went to was perfect because it wasn’t that big. I had high risers and still got an amazing view of him!

Aloha everyone! I'm Mary Joy, born and raised on the island of O'ahu. I'm a senior majoring in Business Management. On my free time, I enjoy finding new places to eat, spending time with friends, and taking naps :) I enjoy writing for HerCampus and showing everyone what I love about the island!