Good Vibes Only: Meet Urijah Zenobi

Name: Urijah Zenobi

Age: 22

Major: Finance

Year: Junior

From: Kauai

Relationship status: Taken

Likes: Traveling

Dislikes: Politics


If someone were to describe you to someone else, they would say, “He’s the guy who….”

Is the most happiest, positive man in the world.


What is something that made you smile today?

I started thinking of the future. I’m stoked cause it's really bright.


Do you have any special skills?

Yeah, I’m a good motivator.


What are most often complimented on?

A lot of people like my cooking …Italiano


Are you Italian?

I am, very much so. I studied abroad in Rome a couple of semesters ago. 


What is the coolest thing that happened while you were in Italy?

This wasn’t actually in Italy, but it was when I was studying abroad: I hitch-hiked from Paris to Brussels.  It was spring break. We flipped a quarter -either go North or go South- heads was North so we headed North. 


What do you want to accomplish in life?

I would like to live up to my potential and help others do the same. 


What is your motto?

The best is yet to come.


Describe the perfect beach day:

Actually the perfect day at the beach…We camped out at Kaena point -it was a full moon- and had a fire, had a barbecue, laid out a sheet, slept on the beach, woke up and the moon was still there. Then in the morning there was dolphins and we swam with the dolphins. How cool is that? 


Tell me one of your fears:

Fear itself.


If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I don’t know… I like a whole bunch of music but… you know how people turn to music? That’s really not my thing. I listen to a whole bunch of motivational speakers on like Soundcloud.


Okay, so who is your favorite motivational speaker?

Oh, Les Brown, definitely. 


How do you stay so positive? 

God is good.


What is your Starbucks order?



What is your plan after college?

I plan to travel and start a business: a sandwich shop.



Ambition and brains.



Swearing and ratchet girls. Some girls are just desperate for attention; that’s a turn-off.


Lightening round:

#WCW? My girlfriend

Favorite Hawaiian island? Kauai

Mango or papaya? Mango

Whiskey or rum? Whiskey

"That 70's Show" or "Friends"? "That 70’s Show"

Seth Rogen or Adam Sandler? Seth Rogen

Poke or musubi? Poke

Late nights or early mornings? Late nights

The ability to fly or breathe under water? Fly

Do aliens exist? I don't know

Favorite animal? Lion