Go-To Summer 2020 Activities

A summer like no other (thanks coronavirus) is almost halfway over! Although we have picked up new hobbies and found many ways to make time fly by when we actually can't fly to Paris or Bali, it never hurts to throw in a few more before we get back to business in the fall. Here are a couple activities I picked up over the summer that you'll love!

  1. 1. Doing Well Daily 

    marble and pink notebook

    Doing Well Daily is a calligraphy daily journal that focuses on creativness and mindfulness every morning! You trace over a daily personal growth quote, as well as fill out you to-do list, what you've ate and how much water you've drank thoughout the day, and what you're grateful for all on one page. It starts your morning off in the right mindset and I promise it will be your new obsession! I bought the bundle - which is $38 and comes with the daily journal, a calligraphy pen, and 3 suprises- it's worth the splurge! Here's the link to find out more about the creater, Syd, and see what they have to offer: https://doingwelldaily.com/

  2. 2. International Food Night

    BBQ summer food

    Invite your friends over or stay in with you family and have an international food night or week! If you're doing it all in one night, have each person responsible for bringing one dish from an interantional menu of their choosing, and if you're doing it throughout the week, theme each night. My go-to menus are Mexican, South-East Asian, Greek, French, German, and Chinese! This is an activity everyone will enjoy! 

  3. 3. Buy a New Piece of Furniture 

    galentine's day party

    With everything closed down for the most part causing us to stay inside more, treat yourself to a comfy furniture piece! It'll spice up your room and be a new change of scenery when you're hanging around the house. If you're lucky enough to have some backyard space get a hammock! Even if you don't, you could make some space in your living room to have a reading hammock. Buy a huge bean bag from Costco, or check out what's affordable on Facebook Marketplace! 

  4. 4. Can't Forget About Netflix

    Person pointing remote at a TV that is displaying Netflix

    You can't skip out on Netflix binging during summer! I could write a whole other article talking about these films and shows I absolutely love on Netflix, but I recommend watching them for yourself! Starting with TV shows: Space Force (reminds me of The Office and who doesn't love Steve Carell?!), Dead to Me, and of course, Outterbanks if you havent watched it already! Now onto films: Extraction (Chris Hemsworth - all I have to say), Clueless (could watch it 1000 times), About Time, The Wrong Missy, He's Just Not That Into You, Yes Man, Inglorious Bastards (gotta have atleast one Quentin Tarantino film!) Happy Netlfix watching!!