Getting It Together: Four Ways to Plan Your Month

It’s no secret that life can get really hectic. From school, to work, to everyday concerns and problems, it is easy to feel like we’re in over our heads with everything that happens. That’s why I’ve taken it upon myself to help you and tell you about four different ways you can plan for the month ahead of you. You can mix and match them, use them all, or use only one. Planning can be both fun and a life-savior when done right.

  1. 1. Keep a Journal

    I absolutely love journaling and it is not unjustified. I think this is the best way to still get things down and organized without feeling like you’re confining yourself too much. You can just grab a random notebook, maybe decorate the cover if you’re into that, and start writing.

    Don’t know where to start? Sometimes blank notebooks can be daunting, leaving us with a wide spectrum of options. Some ideas are: write your goals (both long term and short term), priorities (such as eating more home-cooked meals vs getting take-out frequently), intentions (be more mindful, be kinder), what you learned last month, maybe even include some quotes or pictures that inspire you. The possibilities are endless and can shift from month to month, but make sure it makes you reflect on the headspace you want to be in for the upcoming weeks.

  2. 2. Get a Calendar

    As a visual person, having a calendar has definitely become a game-changer for me. I am able to see displayed in front of me the next month and the big events on it. Sometimes things like journals take us into the meticulous so that it’s hard to forget the bigger picture. It’s also a lifesaver for important dates and appointments. I personally use a dry-erase calendar, that way I save money and paper so I don't buy new calendars every year and am able to decorate it if I want every month.

  3. 3. Notebook

    Similar to the journal, a simple notebook allows you to flow more and be a little more free-spirited on what you want to do. It doesn’t have to be a monthly thing either, it can just be a list of things you need to do by a certain time, bucket-lists, or it might even be a good way to break down bigger goals that seem too daunting.

  4. 4. Planner

    Pretty self-explanatory but wanted to include it anyway because it remains my favorite way to plan. As I mentioned before, I am a very visual person and I do better by having things physically spread out in front of me, as well as being able to actually cross out anything that I got done. It’s a satisfying feeling seeing more and more things crossed out and being able to plan small things or assignments from months in advance can be a lifesaver, especially for school with things such as important tests or projects. I always make a habit to write down everything in the syllabus down in my planner before the semester takes off in full force and it does wonders for my organization.

And as for you, what is your favorite way to plan?