COVID Safe Ways to Celebrate Galentine’s Day

Just because we’re still in a pandemic doesn’t mean you have to compromise your Galentine’s plans! Grab your best gal pals and celebrate sisterhood and friendship this February, while being safe, too.

  1. 1. Baking Swap

    For this COVID friendly idea, have each of your friends bake a different treat (cookies, brownies, cakes, etc.), making sure to make enough for each person in the group. Then on Galentine’s, swap your baked goods amongst each other. To make this idea extra sweet, attach cards or pictures to add some sentimental value.


  2. 2. Host a socially distanced picnic

    For this idea, choose an outdoor location, like a park or beach, and bring blankets and towels to place around your picnic. Have everyone bring their favorite dish in a potluck style gathering, snap some cute pictures, and enjoy time well spent with your closest friends.


    a picnic blanket set with cherries and pastries
  3. 3. Host a PowerPoint party

    This idea has been all over TikTok and other social media platforms recently. Not only is it laugh out loud funny, but it could easily be done over Zoom or in an outdoor setting with a projector. To participate, have each one of your friends put together a humorous presentation (like a parody of a school project) about various subjects. Some ideas are “Pictures of *friend’s name* Being True to Their Zodiac Sign”, “How Each Friend Would Perform in The Hunger Games”, or “What Taylor Swift Album Each Friend Would Be”. The ideas are endless!

  4. 4. Outdoor/virtual movie night

    If you have an outdoor projector, this is another fun way to spend time with friends without the risk of going to an actual movie theater or gathering indoors. Or, put some blankets in your car and head to the nearest drive-in movie theater!


  5. 5. Hike or beach day

    Here in Hawaii, we’re so lucky to have warm weather in February (when it isn't raining, at least). Spend time outdoors and venture on a new hike, or head to the beach for some sunshine and quality girl time.


  6. 6. Sign up for an online class together

    Coronavirus might have put most in-person classes on hold, but it also opened a world of possibility to participate in online events! Have your friends all sign up for morning yoga, or an evening cooking class, and spend some time together while also trying something new.


    cooking dinner

Cherish and appreciate the friends who have stood by your side during this crazy past year with these COVID-safe Galentine’s events. Happy Galentine’s Day!