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Cheap Halloween Costume Tips: For the Procrastinator in All of Us

We all know that holidays are hard on the wallet, but Halloween costumes alone can bleed your bank account dry. A full store-bought costume can easily cost you upwards of fifty dollars, with some like the way-played-out Harley Quinn coming in at over one hundred dollars. Looking great for a night shouldn’t leave you strapped for cash…besides, you need that money for more cider scented candles and fall flavored lattes.

A great place to start is a thrift store, like Goodwill. You may not find everything you need to build a killer costume in one place, but it’s a great way to snag some cheap pieces or a little inspiration. Don’t be afraid to cut up an old baggy dress or rip a few holes in those stockings  —  take some old clothes and make them into something a little more fun!

Even though Halloween is less than a week away, you may have time to do some last minute online shopping. Some discount websites have much cheaper versions of the same costumes you would find in stores, and even some DIY staples you can throw together to make something uniquely yours.

It may be worth touring the stores a bit and to take a look at the accessories. Makeup and little add-ons can make a costume out of clothes you already own; you just have to be willing to get creative! Pinterest is sure to have some great inspiration for an easy DIY Halloween outfit, even for those of us who aren’t so artsy.

Whatever you save on looking spooky this Halloween, put towards a little treat for yourself. After all…

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Bridget is an English major with a passion for good story-telling. A Bay Area native, she loves hiking, swimming, camping, and especially napping. She splits most of her time between coaching the YMCA swim team, working her restaurant job, keeping up with school, and hanging out with friends... but her favorite evenings are spent with a good wine and a better book.
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