Campus Cutie:Julia Casais

Name: Julia Casais
Hometown: Last place I lived was Fayetteville, NC, but I was born in New York City.
Walk me through growing up as a military child, what are some of the ups and downs?
Being a military child, I had to move around a lot or the friends I made moved because they were also part of a military family. That kinda sucked, but it helped develop more social skills so that I could speak more easily with new people and make friends quickly.
Would you trade your past for any thing else?
There are certain things that have happened that I sometimes wish didn't. I just know that it helped shape me into who I am which is something I wouldn't want to trade. Wellllll, maybe if Ryan Gosling was calling, I'd reconsider haha.
What have been some of your best college experiences?
Honestly, meeting my friends here. They are the best people in the world and we are always there for one another. The Pro Bowl was pretty cool too!
Do you see the importance in a girl squad?
Oh, I totally do! When I'm down in the dumps they are always willing to buy ice cream, watch movies, and let me cry my eyes out if I need to. They also keep it real with me and always give me a reality check when I need one.
Now that you're getting older, what's one thing you wish you knew when you started your teen years?
I wish I had known to develop better study habits for these finals. They can be brutal. I also wish I had known that I am going to find someone that is going to make me re-think things that I thought I wanted for most of my life and make me see what I really want. If it doesn't work out, it'll suck for a while, but I'd be okay. Also, to not be scared of finding someone like that. Loving someone can be scary because no one wants to get hurt, but giving your love, time, and attention to try and make others happy is a satisfying feeling...most of the time.
What are you most excited for the upcoming break?
A break from classes! I have had some tough ones this semester.

Fill in the blank: If I could have any____ it would be ___!
Vacation- Traveling all over Europe with my mom.
Husband- Ryan Gosling, Dylan O'Brien, Scott Eastwood, Adam Levine (I love them all)
Dream Date- Take out dinner on a blanket at a place with a breathtaking view. We'd be there for hours talking and laughing.
Shopping Spree- Target, Victoria's Secret, Sephora, and H&M
Hair- My natural curls
Car- Jeep for outdoor adventures, Lexus SUV for family and everyday life, and a really ostentatious one for going out on the town.
House- Cozy but big enough for my future family.
Talent- I'd like to be able to do any accent I wanted.
Outfit- Anything Taylor Swift has worn.
Best Friend- Jennifer Lawrence.
Shoes- My sandals
Holiday- Christmas
Drink- Dr. Pepper
Food- Tipile (salad my family makes)
Store- Target
Movie- Anything funny (I can't decide)
Song- "I Got The Boy" by Jana Kramer...for now
Book- "The Kite Runner" and "A Thousand Splendid Suns".
Season- Spring
Music - Spanish and Country
Time of Day- Late afternoon/early evening