Campus Cutie: Tenaya Bennett

Get to know Tenaya! She started as a marine biology major, and is now enrolled with the communications department here at the University of Hawaii. She transferred from Foothill Community College last year and has no regrets about moving somewhere where others only vacation.

Name: Tenaya Galvez-Bennett

Age: 21

Major: Communications

What's your favorite class this semester?

COM 310, Professor Moody is hilarious!

What's your favorite part about going to school at UH?

Being able to hit the beach and go hiking every weekend! 

What made you change your major?

I just realized I wasn't cut out for the sciences and that I really wanted to work one on one with people.

Do you have any advice for freshmen who are wrapping up their semester?

Finish strong! Study for those finals knowing that after you get 3 weeks off with no academic responsibility.

What do you hope to accomplish in your life?

I want to travel the world and explore different cultures. I want to be successful in my work and having a loving family one day. 

What's your favorite part of the Holidays?

Back at home, there is this street called Candycane Lane where all the houses go crazy with decorations and they close down the street to cars so people can walk around. Every year my family and I go and my brother dresses up as Santa and passes out candy to little kids and takes pictures with them. It's so much fun seeing the kids get so excited over seeing Santa!


Makeup- Kat Von D Lolita lipstick

Candy- Sour Patch Kids (Watermelon flavored)

Beverage- COFFEEE!

Movie- "She's the Man"

Disney Character- How do you choose just one!??! ummm....I guess maybe Merida from "Brave"-she's a badass!

Boy band- Definitely NYSYNC*

Flower- Sunflowers

Color- Purple

Store- REI. That place has EVERYTHING! 

Just for fun:

Dream Date- He would show up with a bouquet of wildflowers/sunflowers and we would get in his truck and drive somewhere where he had a picinic prepared for dinner. We would just talk and eat and when it cooled off he would make a fire and we would make smores for dessert. We would just spend the evening talking and looking up at the stars. Sigh.....

Dream Concert- I'm a country music kind of girl so I would love to see the King of Country Music- George Strait.

Dream Husband- Luke Bryan. He's adorable and perfect and kills me with his southern accent.

Dream House- I loooove the Tahoe style homes with lots of natural feel and windows. I MUST have a wrap around porch with a front swing where I can sit and read a good book and overlook my big yard.

Dream Job- I would love to do PR for a police department or a sheriffs department.

Dream BFF- Jennifer Lawrence!