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Campus Cutie: Kevin Allen

Fast facts:

Name: Kevin Allen

Age: 20

Major: Communications

Relationship status: Two steps away from owning a cat

Hometown: North Shore (Oahu)


You’re now a writer for the Ka Leo, what about writing do you enjoy? 

I was never a math and science person, so I guess it’s been the only thing I was ever good at. 

Have you always been interested in working for a publication? 

Sort of, I’ve always thought that it’s necessary for a career in journalism or public relations.

What are you most excited about working for Ka Leo? 

I think it’ll offer good experience and it’s the first time I’ve been part of a news organization.

What do you think you can contribute to UH Manoa? 

I hope I can make people laugh, I try to be comedic in my writing.

What inspires you and why? 

I don’t want to let down everyone I know and love, everyday I’m just trying to not be a failure.

What’s one thing you could change about the world and why?

I wish it were always cold, I’m hoping for another ice age. I hate being hot, I really don’t like constantly sweating. 

What makes for a good time? 

Good friends, copious amounts of alcohol, and excitement.

Favorite drink? 

I like Kirkland beer, you know, like watered down beer. I like water too. 

Favorite book/genre? 

My favorite book is the Great Gatsby and my favorite genre would have to be teen romance. 

Favorite lifestyle icon? 

Grover, from Sesame Street. 

What are you watching on Netflix? 

I just watched Jane The Virgin and I don’t like it. I love The Office, I used be obsessed with it. 

Expectations in a S.O.? 

Someone who’s detached. I hate texting, I think we should be able to not see each other for a while and still be okay. 

Famous celebrity you would like to date? 

Michael Cera. 

Make sure to be on a look out for Kevin’s articles in upcoming issues of Ka Leo!

Gaby Moran is from Long Beach, California. She's currently a junior at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and a writer for Her Campus. She enjoys lavender-colored things, dark chocolate, Thai food, pop culture and feminism.
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