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Campus Cutie: Jenna Ogden

Jenna Ogden is a passionate and motivate young woman who is an aspiring vet. Her dedication to her education and great ambition makes her the perfect person to take on this rewarding career path. Jenna, like many people started off wanting to do something different, but found that helping and caring for animals was her true calling. This incredible woman shared a bit about herself and gave us some advice on what future Animal Science students should start doing to help as their education progresses.

Quick Facts

Where are you from: Sacramento California, specifically Rancho Murieta California

Age: 22 years

Why did you come to UH Manoa: “The adventures of Hawaii!”

Major: Animal Science  

Job: The Pet Doctor in Kahala

What are you involved in at UH Manoa?

“I am involved with the Pre-vet club, Alpha Gamma Delta, and Golden Key Honor Society.”

What’s one of the most embarrassing/ funny things that’s happened to you recently?

“I recently broke my hand during sex…”

What made you want to work and build a career with animals?

“I have always wanted to be a doctor, but shadowed with my cousin’s aunt, who is a vet, about 3 years ago and it just felt right. Everything about the career interests excite me.”

What are some of the best moments you’ve had so far working with animals?

“I have gotten the opportunity to travel to the island of Lana’i, where there is no vet. I got to work at the cat sanctuary, perform community service and learned how to neuter cats.”

Any advice for others pursuing a career in Animal Science?

“Get involved as soon as possible with the pre-vet club and get a job at a clinic. The more experience, the better.”

Anything else you’d like to share?

“I like golden retrievers; I am half golden retriever.  They are my spirit animal. That is all.”

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