Campus Cutie: Ashlynn-Joy Fajayan

This week's campus cutie is senior Ashlynn-Joy Fajayan. Besides being obviously adorable, she's got some high career ambitions. Ashlynn is Pre-Med and majoring in Biology. Just because she's been busting her butt these last four years, doesn't mean she doesn't know how to have a little fun too!

What's been your favorite part about college? Least favorite?

My favorite part has definitely been meeting so many new people and friends that I have. The hardest part about school has been finding that right balance between working hard and playing hard!

What did you do over Spring Break?

I went to Costa Rica with a Pre-Med group. We were there to set up medical clinics in local villages that didn't have access to health facilities.

Places you might see Ashlynn:

If you go to the gym, you'll probably spot her there at night doing some serious work; unless it's Thursday of course, then you'll probably see her at Tropics!