Campus Celeb: Nikki Taylor

I have the pleasure and honor of personally knowing this weeks Campus Celeb, junior Nikki Taylor. The local athlete was recently named the Big West volleyball player of the year for her successful season with Wahine volleyball. She may be amazing on the court, but she's just as bright and beautiful through her caring personality in everything she does. 

Getting to know Nikki:

Wow! Congrats on being chosen the Big West Player of the Year! What were your initial thoughts? My initial thoughts were excitement and fulfillment. I worked so hard to get the award and to finally achieve something I worked my butt off for was extremely fulfilling.

You've had a successful volleyball career for a while now, do you ever feel like you are only defined by your athletic skills? Honestly sometimes I do yes. Because my life is dependent on my production on the court. My school, food, money, all relies on my ability to produce athletically. However, I have great friends and family members that push me in personal growth (outside of volleyball) and growth academically for a job outside of volleyball in my future.

How do you stay so  humble and grounded? Staying grounded and humble is hard. It's easy to let all the success get to your head. The best way I can describe how I stay humble is that I always revert everything, ESPECIALLY the awards & accolades back to God. Because without him, and all the things he has given and blessed me with, I would not be where I am today with the awards I have gotten thus far!

Do you have any favorite memories from this season? I think beating Florida was my greatest memory!! Just because it was a public display of how much of a role and impact I was going to be having this season!

Hawaii is home for you, what makes playing here special? The fans!!!!! Hands down the fans make Hawaii the most amazingly special place to play!

Besides volleyball, what are you passionate about? I am extremely passionate about growing my relationship with my close friends, Kylie, Shiina, Julia, Jennifer, Takara, and Abbi! I have been close with them for almost 3 years now and no matter how busy or hectic my life gets with volleyball they are always right there supporting me all the way!!!

How has being an athlete changed your college experiences so far? Mostly it has taught me how to multitask and keep a very regimented schedule. There is no "free" or "fun" time when your an athlete which is a luxury many regular student have and take for granted. It has also taught me how to fight through adversity and yet still remain a happy go lucky 20 year old :).

Do you have any advice for young girls who are pursuing an athletic career? My best advice would be to always have fun!!! If you notice that in your life you're not having fun with what you're doing that's a big indicator that maybe that things isn't the best thing for you. You have to love what you do... Because at this level, it's ALL you do. And if you hate it, you'll hate your life, because it IS you life.

Just for fun: 

What is the craziest dream  you remember having? I remember when I was little I had a dream of my brother, while swimming in the north shore, getting eaten by a shark. And I tried to swim in and save him but the shark had already consumed him. I woke up in a panic crying and ran to his room to see if he was still alive (Lawl). He was still alive obviously. He just held me and took me back to my bed.

If you aren't at volleyball practice, what can we find you doing? Sleeping or watching Netflix. Or hanging out/studying with my friends previously listed above. Or going on breakfast dates with Kylie. 

What would you do with a million dollars? I would buy my parents a nice house in Kahala.

Describe your perfect date:My perfect date would be being picked up in a truck, with red roses on my seat. Then driving out to the north shore and parking on a beach, and laying in the bed of the truck with blankets and pillows & stargazing and just talking for hours. 

What is your dream job?My dream job is working as a medical sales representative selling pharmaceuticals and medical equipment to surgeons.

Favorites:Song: "Slow Motion" by Trey SongzColor: RedScent: Christmas treeStarbucks Drink: Extra dirty iced chai lateSoda: Coca ColaStore: Lulu Lemon AthleticaFlower: Red RoseBoy Band: Don't listen to any boy bands lawlCity: Honolulu (lol)Type of Shoe: Jesus sandalsCeleb Crush: Chris brown. (Forever & always)

This/that:Vanilla/Chocolate:Chocolate (of course. Come on now )Morning/Night:MorningRap/Country:RapFootball/Basketball:BasketballBeach/Pool:Beach hands downPink/Blue:BlueTarget/Walmart:TargetJustin Bieber/One Direction:Justin BieberiPhone/Android:iPhoneRadio/Aux cord.Aux cordUber/Lyft:UberNetflix/Hulu:NetflixCake/Ice Cream:Cake (chocolate lol)