Campus Celeb: Konni Wilson

This week our campus celebrity goes to Her Campus Hawaii writer Konni Wilson. For the first time in Her Campus Hawaii history, one of our own articles made it to the most read in the nation! Congratulations Konni, we hope that you find that kind of success in every article you write!

Age: 23
Major: Communicology, German, and a Business minor
Hometown: Mililani, HI.
Relationship Status: Single, and oh-so-ready to mingle ;)
Congrats on your success on the "SMH UH" article! What kind of writing do you enjoy doing most?
Thanks!! I can't believe it got like 10K views!! I really enjoy blogging and writing satirical-type of pieces. Anything where I could get a laugh or two out of someone, even if it's just me... 
What about writing for Her Campus do you enjoy?
I like the creative freedom we have. We can write about what we want to or find relevant. I also really like the sense of community and friendship that Her Campus promotes.
Where do you hope to see the Hawaii Chapter in the next couple years?
I hope that our chapter will have a big presence on campus and that our chapter will double or triple in size. I'd like to see our chapter making the top 10 National articles each week; that would be awesome!
What is your dream job and why?
My dream job would be working for Buzzfeed as a writer/actor for their video/entertainment team. I love their videos! Or to play with cats all day and get paid (well) for it. I love cats...
If you had an extra $5,000 how would you spend it?
I'd save half for the future first....maybe the smarter move would be to invest in anyways, I'd save it haha. Then I'd realize that I actually need the other $2,500 back to pay for tuition...haha so...yeah. I'd use it to pay for tuition while crying in my mind because I could have used the money to travel.
What is your life philosophy?
Hmmm..Keep the peace and never give up. If something doesn't work, there are 10,000 other ways to look at it and find a solution, but if you get caught up and lose your cool, you risk the chance of never achieving your goal.
What do you admire the most about yourself?
I think it would be my confidence and positivity. Wasn't always this outspoken and self-assured. Coming from being super, super self-conscious to where I am now took a lot of growth, so I'm proud of that.
Who is your role model and why?
My role model would definitely be my mom. She is the bravest and strongest person I know. She came to America from Korea when she was about 19 years old, not speaking a drop of English. Despite all the odds that were against her, she opened up a couple restaurants and worked so hard to provide for my sisters and I. She is the definition of dedication and altruism.
Clothing store: American Eagle...although I hate shopping haha!
Makeup Brand: Bobbi Brown & Lancome
Celebrity Crush: Channing Tatum!!
Season: Christmas :D Such a magical time of year lol.
Hairstyle: I think I've tried almost kind of hairstyle, so I think my favorite was long, curly red/dark pink hair.
Color: Pink & blue
Starbucks Drink: Java chip Frap (no wHipped cream)
Movie:Omg this is a hard one....I think my #1 is Zoolander. Can't wait for the sequel!!! #bluesteel
Song: Island in the Sun by Weezer
Book: Impossible to choose one haha.
Shoes: Jesus slippers
Chocolate/Fruity: ---CHOCOLATE!
Morning/Night: ----Morning. Because every morning is a new beginning :)
Mac/PC: ---Just go home PC users, just go home.
Coffee/Tea: ---Tea...milk olong tea actually. I tried milk tea for the first time like 3 weeks ago and I'm addicted now...its bad.
London/Africa: ---Africa! One of my life goals is actually to go to Uganda or Nairobi and either volunteer with Habitat for Humanity or teach English. 
Kendall/Kylie: ----hmmm neither haha. I don't really follow them. Is Kylie the younger one? I liked her before all the surgery. 
Harry Potter/ Twilight: ---Harry Potter is my life.
Beach/Pool:  Hot tub!
Spicy/Sweet: ---Sweet ....with a dash of spice ;)
Singing/Dancing: Both at the same time. I don't you can ever sing without dancing...if you do, you're doing it wrong.