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Campus Celeb: Bella Cruz

Meet our Campus Celeb: Bella Cruz- Future law student and dancer!

Fast facts:

Age: 21

Major: English

Hometown: Fresno, California

Relationship status: In a relationship

Celeb Crush: Prince Royce


When did you learn how to dance?

When I was 2-years-old... my mom taught me.

What is your earlist memory dancing?

About 5/6 years old, I was taking ballet class in Los Angeles, California

How long have you been dancing for?

A very long time.

Why do you like to dance?

It frees my spirit and expresses how I feel on the inside; whether they're joyous, sad or crazy emotions.

Where do you find inspiration?


You've danced in a few of Kennedy Theater's Foothold performances, why do you like performing for that even specifically?

The footholds conert every semester showcases the studen'ts choreography. Anyone and everone can dance or choreograph a piece, they don't have to be a dance major or minor. It's fun becuase you get to dance alongside your friends and be comfortable.

You are dancing in one of Hawaii International Film Festival's pieces, Salesi, a film adaptation of an Indonesian folklore. What was it like dancing for a film?

It's a lot of rehersal and commitment. You definitely have to be flexible with choreography because it can change in an instant from what you originally learned.

Did you find it difficult to dance in that film? What it hard to learn the choreography?

It wasn't at all difficult, however I had to be ready for any changes in the choreography so it was definetyly hard when you had five minutes to reherse and then film.

Do you plan on dancing after you graduate college?

Defintiley, yes!

You're studying English here at UH, what do you plan to do with your degree?

I hope to be part of the teach of America program and later enroll into law school and make a difference in the world.

What motivates you?

Myself, my friends, professors and family.


Sport: Golf and Tennis

Food: EVERYTHING!!!! (although I can't handle spicy foods)

Season: Spring

TV show: Game of Thrones, Dancing with the Stars

Movie: Mulan

Song: Back It Up (Spanish Version)- Prince Royce ft. J.Lo & PitBull

Book: Girl with the Pearl Earring


Sweet/ salty: Sweet

Ice cream/ shave ice: Shave ice

Workhard/ play hard: Work hard

Hamburger/ taco: Hamburger

Passenger/ driver: Passenger

TV/ books: TV

Horror/ comedy: Comedy

Zebley Foster is a senior at University of Hawaii at Manoa. She is getting her major in journalism and a minor in English. In her free time she dances salsa, reads books, writes, and of course: goes to the beach!
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