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In the spirit of Easter just passing and because bunnies are incredibly cute and furry, here’s a few fun facts about the little hoppy creatures we all love!


1. If you’re like me and you’re constantly wondering what’s going on in your little bun’s head then this fun fact is for you:

Happy – When bun’s are running around and flicking their feet up in the air (it’s called a rabbit binky if you want to search it up) it usually means they’re happy and content!

Upset – If your bun is thumping their feet at you or in general they’re probably upset about something.

Angry/Scared – Usually you don’t see your bunnies teeth unless they’re munching, so if they’re showing you their teeth that probably means your bunny is angry or extremely upset. It must feel as if it’s in danger!

There’s a lot more telltale signs and on top of that, every bunny has it’s own personaility. So spend lots of time with your bunny so you can better understand what they may be trying to tell you!


2. If you’ve ever been able to get your bunny on its back, you’ve probably noticed that they become immobilized. Your bunny is in a trance like state! They do this as a way to play dead in the wild. Do be careful though, because bun’s have very small and delicate bodies and you can easily hurt it’s back.


3. Bunnies are social creatures and they really bond with their owners and/or other bunnies. A good way to bond with your bunny is to give it space. It seems counterintuitive to what you would do with dogs, but just sit close by and let the bun get used to having you around. You’re a lot bigger than them and they need to know you’re their friend, not a predator.


4. GI Stasis is a very common medical problem in house bunnies. Bunnies do not like showing when they are in pain or not feeling well, so you have to make sure to be very observant of your bunnies habbits. If your bunny ever stops eating, there is probably something very wrong and you should get them to the vet as soon as possible.


5. Bunnies LOVE wires and ripping up carpet. If you plan on getting a bunny make sure to baby proof your home and clip their nails regularly to help prevent them from ripping up your carpet.

There is an endless amount of interesting things to love about bunnies. You wouldn’t think they would have as big of a personaility as they do, but like most animals, they can suprise you! Make sure to do lots of research on any pet you ever think of getting to make sure you’ll be able to give them the care they need in order to survive and live happily.

If you’re a bunny owner looking for more infomation on how to provide the best home for your little bun, there’s lots of places to search from facebook group chats, to vets, to pet stores and more!

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