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All the Women You Should Be Inspired By: Women Celebrating Women

As females, we need to start uplifting each other and recognizing the amazing things each and every one of us is doing –  because if we don’t, who will? It’s time to put aside our own insecurities, or own jealousies and work on recognizing the goddess in every woman. We’ve been taught to believe the only way we can reach the top, or be successful is to climb and scramble all over one another. The stigma that only ONE woman can be at the top is outrageous and downright untrue, but it’s only what we’ve known for generations. It’s about time we start redefining our rules and feel good about hoisting other women up, because we ALL deserve it!

While there are countless empowered females making a difference in the world, this article could only be so long. Here are just a few women who were chosen because of their diverse backgrounds, and I hope there is something you can feel inspired by from each one of them.

Regena Thomashauer

Author of “Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts” (and others) this book is dedicated to helping women discover and pursue their passions or desires in life and find the best friend within themselves. I truly believe this is one of the most underrated books ever written, so do yourself a favor and give it a read; you’ll be surprised at how much you can learn about yourself!


Let's be honest, you can’t have a list of empowering women and not include Beyoncé. From her lyrics in “Run the World” to her dedication as a mother, this woman is truly an inspiration to us all.

Michelle Obama

She proves that having a loving, fulfilled marriage and family doesn’t mean your career has to suffer (or vice versa). Michelle has done incredible work through organizations that benefit and support girls getting an education, as well as many others (including being a respectable First Lady)! This woman is also insanely smart, as her Harvard Law School degree would attest.

J.K. Rowling

By writing under the pen name deemed “male” by her readers, J.K. proved equality still has yet to be reached. But after revealing her true identity, this woman is now reaping the benefits of her own hard work, and truly deserves it all!

Lisa Anderson

One of the most influential female surfers, Lisa was at the forefront of professional women’s surfing beginning in the 90’s. She continues to beautifully combine femininity, raw physical strength, and talent to with the sport, and has helped the brand Roxy become incredible popular.

Ashley Graham

Possibly one of the most iconic advocates today for body diversity, Ashley proves to be one tough gal. Defying age-old beauty standards and redefining what it means to love the body you’re in is just the Cliffs Notes on the impact she’s making, especially within the realm of the modeling industry.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina has been one of the most influential celebrities to have put their status to good use. This actress is known for her humanitarian work with the UN as an ambassador, as well as challenging the stereotypes placed on females by portraying herself to the media authentically as a mother and activist.

There are women positively impacting the world each and every day, and I hope that the next time you interact with one, an old friend or someone you’ve never previously met, that you intentionally look for at least one thing to celebrate in them. I guarantee you’ll make their day brighter, as well as your own! 



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