8 High School Relationship Memories

There are lots of hilarious moments when looking back on high school memories, but a different type of cringe creeps up on us when we think about our high school relationships. Whether it was short term, long term or just plain awkward-we all shared some of the same excitement during our glory days. Some of us might still be in relationships with our high school sweethearts, for the rest of us-it went down in flames after graduation. I feel you Taylor, I feel you.

We will always remember these witty relationships, it was our first time having strong feelings for someone who showed the same kind of interest. Although my high school sweetheart and I are not on any type of speaking terms, I still owe him for a year of feeling giddy and excited about being in love. There are a lot of fun perks about being in a relationship, and high school gave us even more to be excited about. Here are a few memories we can all reminisce about and bury away with our high school relationships:

1. Texting 24/7


If he didn't text you "Good Morning," it was nearly over. What did we even have to talk about all day every day??

2. Holding hands

The modern day press release. This was a major step in the relationship, it showed all your classmates during passing that your man was off limits (you can look but you can't touch baby).

3. Month anniversaries

If you missed a monthiversary- you might as well as changed your Facebook relationship status to "single and never dating again."

4. Women Crush Wednesday’s

You still see these, but back in high school it meant the real deal. These hashtags meant more than anything money could buy (not that we could afford anything in high school anyway).

5. Matching

If you were a item, there was no doubt your man was found at homecoming in a tie matching your dress.

6. Promposols

The bigger the better. Everyone looked forward to this time of the year to see who thought of the most clever way to ask their S.O to prom.

7. Prom Royalty

May the best couple win.

8. Signs at games

A high school relationship favorite, showing up to your S.O's athletic events with cute signs. If you were lucky, he had a number that was easily rhymed.

There are no rules when it comes to love, and we all had different relationship experiences in high school. Putting aside the immature fighting and unrealistic expectations, we can all find it deep down inside us to say that they were fun. I mean, we all agree that we wish there was prom in college-right?