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If you haven’t watched You Season 1, 2, and 3, then STOP right here! If you have watched the psychologically thrilling TV show based on books by Caroline Kepnes, then keep reading for Season 4 possibilities.

I still believe in the one, that the right person is out there for me.

– Joe Goldberg
Marienne in paris

Something I love about You is the fact that all the women Joe takes interest in are very unique and different from one another. Marienne is such an interesting character because she does not give into Joe right away, even though she wants to. She also seems to get Joe on a deeper level, which may be a good enough reason not to kill her (hopefully?). However, I think there is still so much to learn about the character, especially since they alluded to her dark past. As we heard in Season 3, Marienne would love to take her daughter to Paris, which is where we see Joe at the end of the show. I hope their paths cross again in Season 4 or 5 (if there is one), even if they are not a couple.

Love Quinn is alive

After learning so much more about Love Quinn in Season 4, I just can’t (and won’t) accept the fact that she is dead. She is too keen and conniving to let Joe kill her that easily. The fact that both Love and Joe hide a key in their glass cage could be a possible foreshadow to her being able to get out of the burning house. We also didn’t see her burn in the fire, therefore there is a possibility she is still alive! I mean, Candace made it out alive and Joe thought she was dead. If Love is alive, I bet her mother, Dottie, would help hide her until they figure out how to sweep this issue under the rug (as usual).

Henry and his new family

At the end of Season 3, we got to see Henry with his new family and they all looked so happy. I would love to see them in the new season; I’d like to know if Henry got into that great school and if he’s been transformed into those classic Madre Linda kids, or if he’s different. Is he going to adopt his mom and dad’s murder genes? Is Dottie going to try and get custody of him? If Love is alive, would she try to secretly kidnap him?

Joe finding his brother

Through a flashback scene in Season 3, it looks like Joe might have a potential half brother, named Jacob. The mother expressed how she was starting over with this new son, and hopefully everything will turn out better. Obviously this hurt Joe and has made negative, long-term effects on his life. I wonder if Joe will ever get to meet this brother. Is the brother a murderer too? This would be an interesting way to spice up Season 4.

ellie joining joe in paris

As we saw a few times in Season 3, it seems that Joe has been and continues to do little jobs in order to send money to Ellie, Delilah’s little sister from Season 2. Ellie knows who exactly killed Delilah, but has she told anyone? How is a sixteen year old living with no guardian figures? I’d like to see what she’s up to or possibly see her joining Joe in Paris. Maybe she will try to use Joe a little bit since she knows his little secrets.

someone locking joe up for once

As we have seen in all the seasons of You, Joe has locked up and killed many people. It would be interesting to see the tables turned in Season 4. Maybe Matthew Engler, Natalie’s husband, and Theo will find out he’s alive and torment him for more information about the death of Natalie Engler. I mean Theo still has that video footage from the angle that shows Joe putting her into the back of the Tesla outside of the bakery. Hopefully he didn’t suffer too much brain damage after being nearly killed by the stand mixer to forget about the whole situation.

covid-19 references

After watching an interview with Penn Bagley, the actor that plays Joe Goldberg, I discovered that a lot of the script was rewritten to include COVID-19 references (e.g. vaccinations) as well as to prevent scenes with a large number of actors. I wasn’t too sure how I felt about COVID-19 references in TV shows, but I thought the writers of You actually did a great job of including those references without being over the top. I wouldn’t be mad if they included other real-world references in Season 4; it makes the show feel more realistic and like it could really be happening.

I’m sure there are many more theories and possibilities for Season 4. What do you want to see? What characters should and should not come back?

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