6 Ways to Get Your Best Spring Break Body

   Spring Break is almost here and we are all counting down the days until the week of sun, sand, and fun.  Fortunately, in Hawai’i, sun, sand, and fun can happen yearlong, but that also means bikini season is yearlong. It's hard to maintain a Miranda Kerr body while juggling school, work and extra-curriculars and with only 11 days left, you're going to want to launch your body into bikini mode. Follow these simple guideliens to get your best Spring Break body yet. 


1) Cut out all excessive calories from your diet.

  We all have early classes and can’t wake up unless hitting snooze at least 15 times or drinking a coffee. But so many of us are ordering the wrong types of coffee. Do you really need a venti iced caramel macchiato with whipped cream, chocolate syrup and the works (probably more fat and sugar than caffeine anyway)?

   Instead of drinking soda, energy drinks, or any other sugary drinks we think we need to get us through the day, opt for something more natural, like tea; it has slightly less caffeine, but will save you from so many unnecessary calories and it gets the job done.

2) Water, water, water!

   Hydrate yourself! 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, don't let yourself be part of the problem! Mild dehydration can lower one’s metabolism as much as 3%! Not drinking enough water sends your body into survival mode. Then, your body retains all the water it can and stores it into extra-cellular spaces, which leads to bloating and contributes to the undesirable pot belly. Water helps to maintain proper muscle tone by giving muscles their natural ability to contract and by preventing dehydration.

   Not sure if you’re drinking enough water? A general rule of thumb is 8-10 glasses. But how? Purchase a stylish Hydroflask from the UH Bookstore! They have various colors and sizes. Pick one up that suits you and refill your new Hydroflask with purified water at the stations in Campus Center, across from Starbucks and in Sinclair library, next to the elevators. Are all your classes are on the other side of campus? No worries, one of the great things about living in Hawai’i is that our tap water is safe to drink!

3) Eat an all natural, Paleolithic diet!

   Paleo-what? The Paleolithic diet is also commonly referred to as the caveman diet because it requires you to consume only foods the cavemen did. Hunters and gatherers were much taller than Homo sapiens now, and they lived longer lives because they consumed a diet high in lean protein and low in carbs. Skip the Frosted Flakes and the granola bars, and eat more lean meats (fowl, fish, grass fed meat), and get your carbs from seasonal fruits and vegetables. The more natural color it has, the more nutrient dense is it. You can eat your way through any exercise regimen; it starts with your diet.

4) Get your Yoga on!

   Yoga is a great exercise regimen to quickly tone and strengthen your body. It incorporates lunges, squats, abdominal, arm and back exercises. Starting your day with yoga stretches your muscles, aligns your posture, wakes you up, improves your mood and digestion, and speeds up your metabolism so you can burn more calories throughout the day. Plus, you can feel the effects and your muscles strengthen after just one session. Dust off your yoga mats and strike a pose! Namaste!

5) Cardio!

    With Spring Break right around the corner,  squeeze in some extra cardio throughout your day. Live in the dorms? Walk to campus instead of taking the oh-so-convenient Manoa Shuttle Bus. Have class on the 3rd or 5th floor? Take the stairs; it's faster than the out-dated elevators, anyway. Plus you’ll be giving your legs, back, and butt a nice little workout –tighten and flex your abs to let them join in on the fun. (Take that Stairmaster!) It might not seem like it’s making a huge difference, but all the little things start to add up after awhile.

6) Confidence is sexy!

   The most important thing to know to get your best Spring Break body is this: it's your best. Leave the competition out of beauty and stop comparing yourself to others. While these tips will help you to look good, they’ll do more to make you feel better and much healthier. Remember that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.