6 Rules To Follow for a Girl Who Doesn't Care About the Super Bowl

With the talk around the town, the 2016 Super Bowl is going to hit real hard, real quick. That means that there will be parties and you will have to pretend to be in the know with football; it’s inevitable. Not all girls like football and not everyone understands it, but who cares!  Have fun with it and party like it’s Football Season! 


As a girl who knows nothing about football (and doesn’t want the world to know) just follow a couple rules of thumb:

1.     The Super Bowl is on SUNDAY. Yes, this Sunday as in like tomorrow.

2. If everyone is yelling, try not to yell too passionately. People will ask why you’re a fan of that team or that player; you aren’t ready to answer that question...

3. When the team that everyone is wearing the colors of scores a touchdown, that’s good. 

4. Don’t act like you know anything about the plays. If a guy catches a whiff of you trying to blend in, they’ll pounce on that. 

5. When the commercials come on - just stop talking. Seriously. The Super Bowl commercials are the best of the year, meaning, they aren't getting anybetter.

6. If you get caught, just go with it. Pretty sure everyone is there for the same reason: to have a good time!