5 Plants You Should Probably Buy, Like Right This Second

Jade Plant

  • The easiest little sucker you could ever buy and, trust me when I say this, the plant that every plant momma should start with. Jade plants are extremely easy to take care of and will flourish in any setting. During the summer months make sure she’s getting a lot of water (You, too!) and slowly cut back when it comes winter time. The bright green foliage will thank you. 

Golden Pothos

  • Don’t be fooled, this plant looks like it’s a slow grower, but give this plant a little water and before you know it the vines will be all over your room. It is perfect for those of us just getting into the plant scene, and makes excellent home decor. To keep the Pothos happy make sure you keep it in areas with indirect sunlight or partly shaded areas.

Snake Plant

  • Or as I like to call it, “The Cheesecake Factory Plant”. The snake plant is a great plant that is not too picky about the light it receives, the water it drinks, and the pot you plant it in. They’re perfect if you’re looking to spruce up your dorm room, office cubicle, or even that little nook outside of your front porch. You’re going to love taking care of this plant.  

String of Pearls

  • A personal favorite of mine, the string of pearls plant is such a fun plant to add to your collection. While they are a little picky about their water intake, don’t overwater them! They are, however, very flexible when it comes to sunlight. These beautiful green pearls love bright sunlight, but they prefer to enjoy it indirectly. If you’re looking for a plant that’s going to look elegant anywhere, look for the string of pearls. 


  • Okay, so maybe this one is a given, but the aloe plant is an excellent plant to have if you live in Hawaii. Not only will the plant thrive with little water, it will also provide you with some fast relief on those days when you come back from the beach burnt from head to toe. If you’re a fan of succulents then you will undoubtedly take a liking to the aloe plant.