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The 5 People You’ll Meet In The Freshmen Towers

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hawaii chapter.

There are tons of different types of people you’ll meet in college, but the freshman towers are always full of interesting people. Here’s a list of the 5 people you’re destined to meet if you ever dorm in the freshman towers.


1. The first time party-er

This person was the perfect student in high school; straight A’s, involved in tons of clubs, and never had a sip of alcohol in their life. But as soon as they get to college, all of those good habits start to break and now their room mate is left holding their hair above a trash can every night. They can usually be found laughing on the floor in the hallway, passed out in the bathroom, or stumbling around the tower running into everything in sight. Since they’re not used to the party scene, this freshman doesn’t know how to handle their alcohol and ends up getting way too drunk, way too loud, and way too obnoxious every week-end (or week night). Seriously, prepare to listen to them drunk screaming the lyrics to Taylor Swift at unnecessary hours of the night.



2. The older guy that’s there for no reason

You’re not really sure how this person became friends with freshmen, but it kind of weirds you out. All of a sudden there’s a 24 year old guy hanging out in your friend’s dorm all the time, and he’s most likely bragging about how stoned he is. Although the amount of weed he seems to go through might be astonishing, it’s not nearly as impressive as the fact that he’s managed to be an undergraduate student for 6 years. As much as you can’t stand to have this guy around, it’s not too bad having a friend over 21 willing to supply all of your party needs.




3. The introvert

There’s at least one on every floor. They only come out of their room to go to the bathroom or leave for class, and you can always hear video game sounds coming from the other side of their door. Sometimes you forget they live on your floor, and when you run into them you’re left a little confused. They seem like a nice enough person, but anytime you try to make conversation it always ends in inevitable silence and you’re left  with an awkward elevator ride down to the first floor.



4. The popular one

You don’t know how, but this person seems to know everyone. Even though they’re only a freshman, they’ve made friends all over campus. Every time you’re walking together, they’re always waving or stopping to talk to people passing by. You didn’t know it was possible to make so many friends within an 8 month period, but they seem to have learned the ropes. They’re always invited out with friends for parties, dinners, karaoke, or any other random activity. Although you love them, you can’t help but secretly hate them for how easily they make friends.



5. The RA that’s really bad at their job

RA’s are awesome; they’re there for you when you need them when you have questions about school, housing, classes, or life in general. However, there’s always at least one RA that is absolutely horrible at their job. Instead of making sure the kids on their floor are doing well in school and adjusting to life on campus, they’re out partying or hanging out with friends. You’ll catch them at parties with underclassmen and sometimes you see them trying to get freshmen drunk. You’re not really sure how this RA got their job, but you’re pretty sure it should be taken away…like, now!!


Growing up in Colorado, McKale learned to love spending time outdoors, from riding horses to hiking mountain trails. McKale is a Political Science major, but hopes to be able to inspire people though truthful and unbiased writing. She is currently a freshman at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.
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