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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hawaii chapter.

1. Hawaii

Ok, this one is kind of obvious, but seriously, it’s one of the greatest things about going to school at UH. Even if you don’t have a car, you can take always the bus down to a beach close by and get your surf, tan, or snorkeling on. When you live on an island, it’s pretty amazing getting to go to all types of different beaches that all have something unique about them. So whether you’re up for cliff jumping, surfing, snorkeling, bodyboarding, or just tanning, there’s always a beach for you. Not to mention all of the hiking around the islands as well. There are hikes that are pretty easy and ones that will really challenge you.



2. Diversity

UH is one of the most diverse campuses in the nation, representing over 126 countries and regions. This gives students the opportunity to experience multiple different cultures. Your first year, you might make friends from 20 different states and 6 different countries! When you’re in class, there are students from all around the world, and it brings a whole new perspective to class topics. Meeting people from all over plus the environment of UH itself makes students feel like they’re studying in another country without having to study abroad. The diversity of UH helps students make connections all over the world.



3. Class sizes

Compared to a lot of Universities, class sizes are fairly small. In a lot of classes, you can all fit into a normal sized class room, which gives students a great opportunity to participate in class discussions and get to know their professors. Small classes not for you? That’s alright! UH also has plenty of lecture classes with over 100 students in each class. Even though getting a personal feel to class is nice, sometimes its good to just be able to blend in to the crowd.



4. Recreation

On top of all the recreational activities that Hawai’i itself has to offer, UH has some pretty great recreational services too. There are tons of intramural teams to join, plus a brand new Warrior Rec Center with all of your fitness needs. There are plenty of clubs to join on campus too, and Registered Independent Organizations (RIO) that are dedicated to student life. Life on campus can get pretty boring, but if you put yourself out there and join a club, join an intramural team, or hit up the gym for some open gym sports, you’re bound to make some new friends and have a good time.



5. Food

On campus, food might not be the best unless you’re willing to pay at Paradise Palms, but the food around the island is great. Whether you’re at a shrimp truck on the North Shore or eating some local food at Ono’s down the road, there’s always something good to eat. If you have a car, it’s great to be able to go explore all the different restaurants. Taking the bus makes it a little more difficult, but there’s always something not too far away. Since Hawai’i is a diverse place, there are foods from tons of different cultures, from kaluha pork to sushi to burgers, Hawai’i has it all!


Growing up in Colorado, McKale learned to love spending time outdoors, from riding horses to hiking mountain trails. McKale is a Political Science major, but hopes to be able to inspire people though truthful and unbiased writing. She is currently a freshman at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.
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