3 Ways Your Dorm Room Could Use A Facelift (And How To Get It!)

Spice it up with texture

  • One of the best ways to liven up your space is to add texture. If your wall has exposed brick, soften it with a cute, faux rug or a fun, shaggy pillow! Does your desk have chipped wood or legs that need to be buffed? Throw on some bold contact paper over the top and voila! You have a chic, and like-new room to bask in. Need help on deciding which print to go with? Start here, we're absolutely obsessed with this marble look!

Give your walls some life...literally

  • Utilizing your the walls is going to be one of the best ways you can turn your new 'hang into a home. If you have the space, try incorporating some plants on or along your wall! Don’t be afraid to throw up some shelves, hang some pots, or even string fake plants over your bed (for the aesthetic, of course). Plants won’t just make your place look peaceful, but will also force you to be responsible in taking care of something living. 

    *Pro tip: fake plants are certainly a more affordable option, and preferred if your space doesn’t get much light, but don’t forget to dust them often so that you keep your dorm looking new!

Give it a scent boost

  • Nothing is worse than coming home after a long day and smelling old food, dirty clothes, or worse, your roommates various products (YUCK!). If this sounds like you, then try adding some new life into your room with either a candle, plug-in, or diffuser. Not only will your place smell great, but it will look good, too.