15 Thoughts Everyone Has While Day Drinking at the Beach

Living in Hawaii provides ample opportunity for the occasional drink on the beach. While day drinking is a favorite pastime for students, there are a few moments that are typical of any drunken beach day. Keep reading for a list of thoughts that may float through your mind during a day of indulging at the beach. 

1. Ahhh, I am so relaxed. This is exactly the kind of mini vacation I needed. Cheers ladies!

2. I should take a picture of this Corona with a lime in it. This looks just like the commercial! I should work for the Corona ad team. 

3. I see you beckoning to me, Pacific Ocean. Time for a dip.

4. Wow, swimming is hard after a few drinks.

5. I need another drink.

6. Maybe I should stick to dry land for a bit.

7. Did anyone bring a beach ball?

8. Another!


9. *Starts singing "Corona and Lime" by Shwayze*

10. There is sand in my beer! How did this happen?! ...oh.

11. Drunchiessss.

12. POKE. I love you, perfectly seasoned fish of the gods.

13. Oh no, we are officially out of alcohol.

14. Ugh. I'm so dehydrated. Water. I need water.

15.  Maybe I'll just take a- ZzzzzZZZZzzzzZZ....