15 Movies to Watch When You’re Feeling Nostalgic for High School

It’s midterm time once again, and you may be feeling overwhelmed by the stresses that come with being a student in college. Ever just reminisce about the easier times back in high school when you didn’t have to worry about GPAs, how many Cup Noodles is too many for one week, or how your free time is spent at office hours? If this is where you’re at right now, take some time away from your problems and escape back to pep rallies and gym strip with these classic movies set in high school.  

1. High School Musical

2. Mean Girls

3. Clueless

4. Princess Diaries

5. Ferris Bueller’s Day off

6. Easy A

7. 10 Things I hate about you

8. 17 Again

9. The Breakfast Club

10. Bring it On

11. A Cinderella Story

12. Beastly

13. Hairspray

14. Grease

15. John Tucker Must Die

Now go break out the popcorn and avoid studying for those midterms!