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My Favorite Places to Go at Ala Moana

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Hawaii chapter.

Ala Moana Mall is the largest outdoor mall in the world. Former President Barack Obama and his family browsed the storefronts there and his daughters took photos with Santa there. With hundreds of store fronts, it can be an all-day adventure to the mall! But no matter how many times you go you can still get lost with the mall’s many twists and turns. I have compiled a short list of stores and eateries that have become my favorites over the school year!

  1. Target: A no-brainer. A store with clothes, groceries, cosmetics, AND A STARBUCKS!!
  1. Old Navy: Although tricky to get to, Old Navy offers cute and trendy clothes at a reasonable price. This is also a great place to cool off as the air conditioning is on full blast!!
  2. Makai Market Food Court and Lanai at Ala Moana Center: Each of these food courts offer a little something for everyone. My personal favorites are Raising Canes and Wahlburgers (located on the second level) as well as the various small kiosks located within the Makai Market. 
  3. Simply walking around: Window shopping is always something me and my friends loved to do and doing so at Ala Moana is an enjoyable experience under the palm trees and tropical weather.
  4. Boba: many good and non-chain boba places are in Ala Moana! My personal favorite is located in the Makai Market close to the entrance.

Overall these are some of the things that I do that make my experience at Ala Moana more enjoyable.