10 Things That Suck About Being an Aging '90s Kid


1.     Having an overload of CDs

We all have those CDs in the back of the closet that are collecting dust. Let’s be real, we are way too attached to that 1999 Britney classic.


2.     IPods

The first IPod came out in 2001. Let that sink in. Your original IPod is a preteen and could be on a date right now.


3.     Bring in the Dancing Lobsters

No, this does not happen in actual court systems. If you mess up, Amanda will not help you this time.


4.     Being worried about buying pets because you couldn’t keep your Tamagotchi alive

Our tiny, plastic children needed to be played with and fed…kinda like that little pooch that you really want.


5.     Hearing kids speak their texts to Siri

No, I did my time! Back when I was a youngster, we had to work for that “HAHA”. You better hit that 4 and 2 fast so they knew you legitimately think it was funny!


6.     Sounding Dumb Sometimes

I thought there were 9 Planets…I thought you were good enough Pluto.


7.     Seeing Models in Magazines versus seeing them on TV

Tyra! Why are you hosting a TV show and not working the runway?! Oh, America’s Next Top Model has been on since 2003? My bad, carry on.


8.     Polaroid Cameras

When you see some punk at the beach using a camera you had as a 9 year old you can’t help but get a little hurt inside. You were cool before you knew it!


9.     Two Words: Pixar Sequels

MOVE! I’ve been waiting years for Finding Dory and The Incredible 2! When I was a kid, these movies were hitting their peak! Now, our time has come!


10. Realizing how old you are

Even if you were born in 1999, you’re already having your sweet 16. Congratulations to us 90s kids, we’re officially ancient! (Just like Blockbuster)