Zack Mason

Name: Zack Mason


Year: 2016


Hometown: Atlanta, Geogia


Major: English


Relationship status: Somewhere between impressively single and depressingly single.

What is your spirit animal and why? 
Honey badger because I’m generally grumpy and world weary.
How are you involved on campus?
I play on the Varsity Tennis team.
Describe your ideal date:
A nice dinner, somewhere that’s either a rooftop or beachside restaurant. I’m pretty 
traditional in that sense. Plus, who doesn’t like good food?
What is your favorite on campus study spot?
The coop, for sure. It doesn’t make me hate life like Magill does. Also food.
Would you rather have fun once a week for two hours or twice a week for one hour?
Once a week for two hours. AKA Saturday night at Haverford.