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What Your Favorite Animal Says About You

Some animals are fuzzy and absolutely adorable in appearance. Others possess a more dangerous and deadly physique. Each individual animal has specific characteristics that pertain to only themselves. Your admiration of one animal over another speaks volumes about your own personality and character traits. What does your favorite animal say about you?

1. Bird


Whether a cardinal, eagle, pigeon, or stork, if you adore birds then you similar characteristics to them. As birds fly up in the sky to view the world from a higher perspective, you are a person who sees the “bigger picture” usually rather than worry about the minute details. You concern yourself with achieving the greater goal and are a hard worker. As birds care for their young until they are ready to be on their own, you are caring and gentle with others. You selflessly sacrifice your time and resources for others without notice. You are ambitious, and willing to take a risk as the young bird leaps from its nest to learn how to fly. Keep being you by soaring to incredible heights and being your beautiful self.


2. Cat


You love cats. Whether the household animal known as Felius catus or the spotted leopard, cats are your go-to creature of choice. As cats are known for their “9 lives” and superb skillfulness in hunting prey, your life is full of many opportunities in which you take full advantage of. Hopefully you’re not stalking antelope, but you seek what you desire in life and give your whole life into it. You are extremely determined and motivated. You care for others deeply, and take pride in who you are and in your family, like the parent lion in the picture above. You are loyal to who you are and your pride, or family. With great strength and respect, you tend to be a leader and do so with passion and skill. Remember to keep being the strong individual you are for you can do anything when you believe in yourself. 

3. Dog 



Who doesn’t love this adorable, fuzzy face? If dogs are your favorite animals, you are full of love and loyalty. You are tough defenders of those you love and care for, protecting those around you. You selflessly care for others, putting yourself in danger for others’ protection. You have a carefree attitude and enjoy the simple things in life (food, sleep, and play!). You have a playful and sometimes silly attitude as dogs are playful and happy. As a dog knows exactly where he digs his bone, you have a sharp memory. You remember who is loyal and kind, and who is not. You treat others with kindness and always give people a second chance to prove their goodness. Everyone loves dogs (or most people do), as everyone enjoys your company. Keep being the smiling, friendly face for others count on your contagious joy to bring cheer in their life.
4. Whale


If you are a whale lover, you have a strong sense of direction in your life knowing exactly what you want to do as whales follow the same migratory path year after year. You enjoy the same routine and have a difficult time accepting change. That is all right since you have such a strong sense of who you are and how you are loved by those around you. As whales have incredible memories and range of emotions, you remember even the smallest of details for years ago and let your emotions play a critical part in making decisions in addition to your very rational brain. Whales love deeply for their family members and tend to stay with their families their whole life except for the young males to leave and mate. You have a strong foundation in your family and friends, and are loyal to them. You care for others, helping others in need even when it means putting yourself in risk. You enjoy the marine life filled with days of water with your playful attitude and kindness. You are not afraid of anything, as every challenge comes an opportunity for success. You have an optimistic outlook on life and are always positive. As whales are amazing creatures, you are an amazing person.

5. Monkey


Monkey see, monkey do! As someone who favors monkeys, your personality is bursting with cheerfulness and good-natured spirit. You enjoy making others smile, and always have a smile on your face yourself. You enjoy bananas…hopefully. You have a strong sense of independence and confidence in yourself as you should since you have a big heart in caring for others and a hidden side of gentleness. You love adventures, encouraging others to the best they can be. You are always inclusive making sure other people don’t feel left out. As monkeys are agile swinging through the high tree branches, you are athletic and skillful in physique. You enjoy a good laugh by monkeying around! You know when to be serious and when to crack the jokes, making you a flexible person and ready for change. You enjoy changes in lifestyle and scenary, but are also loyal to your home and family. Never stop smiling for your lovable personality makes you the wonderful person you are.

6. Giraffe 

If giraffes are your favorite animal, then you share some of the same great characteristics that giraffes have. As giraffes tend to be calm and gentle creatures, you have vast amounts of patience and kindness just waiting to be shared with others. You are a very independent person with a strong yet kind personality. As giraffes are loyal to their towers, you are protective over your loved ones. You enjoy viewing life from a higher perspective, possibly you are tall in height, or just maybe embrace life as a whole rather than fret about the little details. As giraffes have unique patterns, you are rare in your amazing abilities in whatever your passion may be. Keep running after life in full force for you are destined to make a difference.

7. Elephant

If you love elephants, then you are strong and powerful in your intellect as elephants are known for. You are strong in mind, body, and spirit. You possess an unlimited amount of love and care for others, and are great protectors of loved ones. You have a fantastic memory, and have a strong sense of how loved and cared for you are. Others love you deeply for your self-confidence and selflessness. You are peaceful, and are grateful for the those around you and the blessings in life. You always work towards the common greater good, and want the best for others even if it means you don’t achieve success in the end. You remember well those who have hurt you and those who have loved you. You pass on those memories to others, and are welcoming and kind to others even if an individual is not kind back to you. The beauty in your strength shines so strongly through, so keep being your wonderful self.

8. Horse

If you love the rush of wind and the feeling of freedom, you most definitely love horses. As horses are known for their speed, strength, and beauty, you are athletic and beautiful. You love to run (maybe), but you do enjoy your independence and being able to choose for yourself. You don’t like when others make decisions for you, enjoying your freedom to be who you are. When you do make a decision, you are quick to do so supporting yourself with a passionate spirit and determination. You care for others, and enjoy fun competition. You encourage others and yourself to be the best one can be. Don’t be afraid of being true to yourself for you are an incredible person with great dreams that one day you will fulfill.

9. Pig


Maybe you love this adorable face…or bacon. Either way, if you love pigs you are loved by others and cared for deeply. As pigs are known to be dirty sometimes, you are always willing to jump into a mess and clean it up. You sacrifice for others (mmmm, bacon), and want the best for others. You set yourself big dreams and go after them with unlimited passion and motivation. You are sweet, kind, and calm with a helping hand for others always. Without you, the world could not operate properly for you help keep situations under control with your great abilities to calm others down and keep the peace. Keep being delicious… I mean keep being your wonderful self for you are absolutely fantastic. 




Meg is a student at Haverford College and plays field hockey for the college. She is an interested writer.
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