TRON '14

Name: TRON
Year: 2014
Hometown: The Duck Pond
Major: Procrastination
What is Office Hours with TRON?
Office Hours with TRON is a radio show on WHRC every Tuesday at 10pm, hosted by me. Just like how professors have office hours, I hold office hours every week where people can stop by and have a chat about whatever is on their mind. Often, the show focuses on music that I have been listening to. Some highlights from this year have been investigating the blue soap that appeared in bathrooms, broadcasting live from Magill, and doing origami. The show has been described as "the most consistently listened to show on WHRC". Also, every Tuesday at 11pm, right after Office Hours is Office Hours with TRON: After Hours where I put on a playlist or full album uninterrupted to share with the listeners. 
What is WHRC and how can people connect if they want to listen to you?
WHRC is Haverford's radio station. It currently broadcasts over the internet and you can listen at You might have to change your internet browser if you can't hear anything. There are great shows every day of the week. Hosting a radio show is a lot of fun and there's always room for more DJs so contact the stations managers if you are interested in hosting the next Office Hours. 
How can people follow you outside of WHRC? (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
Check out my wildly popular twitter account @TRONofficehours. If have a twitter, I probably already follow you as part of my public outreach campaign. Another part of the campaign has been business cards for the show showing up in various places across campus. You can also listen to the past few shows at
Any highlights from twitter?
Every Plenary, I live-tweet the event. At the most recent Plenary, I tried to start #FormalPlenary where as part of the rules of order, everyone is required to wear formal clothing. I believe that Plenary is one of the most important events at Haverford where the student body gets to discuss their concerns. However, many people do not take it seriously enough and do not pay attention. By implementing #FormalPlenary, I believe that people's actions will reflect their dress and Plenary will become much more productive. Once #FormalPlenary gets implements, I would also support having some type of catered meal as part of the event. Unfortunately, I did not get enough support before Plenary so it didn't occur this year but I still have hope for the future.
Will Office Hours with TRON be ending soon?
Yes and No. My run as host of Office Hours with TRON will be ending in a few weeks but as long as WHRC exists, there will be Office Hours with TRON.
Any other comments to share with the Her Campus Haverford community? 
I'd like the thank the Her Campus Haverford team for recognizing me as a Campus Celebrity. To express my thanks, I would like to share an exclusive scoop. Haverford's president Dan Weiss will be coming to the office on April 29th at 10pm. As always, any questions for Dan can be submitted through twitter.