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Stephen W. Handlon

Name: Stephen W. Handlon                                                  
Year: 2013
Major: History
Hometown: Rochester, Minnesota
Relationship status: Taken :p
How are you involved at Haverford?
Classes, getting as much money from the school as possible and the occasional Lunt party. I also write for Haverford publications.
Any plans for Valentine’s Day?
I am dressing up and going out to eat in center city Philly with my boyfriend.
What was your favorite Grammy’s performance?
Adele! We’ve been through a lot of together.

Do you have any hidden talents?
Getting lost. Sometimes I actually get lost on campus. I have literally no sense of direction. That was more fun in Paris.

You are most likely to be spotted on campus at….
McGill library. Yikes.

Favorite place to eat-out around Haverford?
Sometimes I say I’m going to church and go to Du Jour instead. Does that count? 

Charlotte Bax is a Junior at Haverford College and is majoring in History with double-minors in French and Film. She is originally from Santa Monica, California, but has also lived in San Francisco and currently resides in London with her family. Charlotte enjoys cooking, watching movies, going to sports games in Philadelphia. In addition, she enjoys traveling, surfing with her dog Cassie, and skiing during the winter in Solitude, Utah. After college, Charlotte hopes to start her own line of women's sports apparel.
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