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Our Guide to the Perfect Off-Campus Date Night

         Whether you are trying to impress on a first-date or convincing your parents that you eat more than EasyMac and Ramen, knowing the best spots for dinner out is crucial around Haverford. Although the Main Line is not know for its haute-cuisine, if you look closely there are some great spots under twenty minutes from Haverford and that are WAY more appealing than taking your date to the DC for some romantic chicken fingers. De Jour is always a staple for me as it has something on the menu for all tastes and is as great for Brunch as it is for Dinner. However, to give you lovebirds something a little more unique, my pick for the perfect date-night or special occasion is the White Dog Café in Wayne. I know what you are thinking…driving to Wayne practically like leaving the state! However, I encourage you to take a leap of faith and drive a little further (15-20 minutes maximum) to the cute historic town of Wayne just past Bryn Mawr. So pop that Haver-bubble and shake up your normal routine. I promise you wont regret this refreshing change-up to the old “Chipotle or Panera?”.
Step One: Dinner at the White Dog Café

Located in Wayne, PA, the White Dog Café serves up delicious and organic food that is American cuisine with a twist. When you first walk in the first thing you will notice are the hundreds of dog-portraits lining every inch of the walls. With each one unique and charming, the doggie décor sets the mood for a casual pup feel in a very cozy setting. The bar is always bustling with people waiting to get a table, so I would recommend booking ahead of time. Although it is guaranteed to be crowded on the weekends, the setting is still intimate with a few different dining rooms each with a specific theme of sophisticated yet casual doggie-decorations. Not only was the restaurant itself surprisingly quirky and charming, but the food was delicious. Since the White Dog Café has a sustainable mission, over 95% of their food is grown within 50 miles so you know that is it organic and in season. I highly recommend this restaurant as a place to go when you want something delicious and out of the ordinary to impress your date AND your parents.

Step Two: Dessert at Kiwi

If you have managed to save any room for dessert after feasting at the White Dog Café, definitely head over to Kiwi for the best fro-yo on the Main Line. Not only does Kiwi offer a huge selection of flavors, including Thin Mint and Birthday Cake, but they also are located right next to school so you will not have to go anywhere out of the way when driving back from Wayne. It might just be the California native inside of me, but I am a sucker for serve-yourself fro-yo and seem to ALWAYS be in the mood for some Kiwi. Also, if you think about it yogurt is good for you, sooo having some Kiwi to end the night is the ultimate “guiltless” dessert. But beware! If it is your first time there you might want to brainstorm a game plan ahead of time because after you spend 10 minutes picking out your flavor, you reach the toppings line…If they had bowls big enough I would definitely try one of each delicious morsel of heaven to compliment my fro-yo perfectly. However, not only are the bowls not nearly big enough for that, but the price of your fro-yo is determined by the weight of the bowl so those enticing toppings can sneak up at the register. All in all, Kiwi is the perfect spot to end (or begin) your romantic night and will be sure to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.
There you have it. Your foolproof guide to the perfect night-out for any special occasion. So next time you Fords are feeling daring and can tear yourself away from another “Pastabilities” dinner, head off campus to these two spots and have a night to remember. 


Charlotte Bax is a Junior at Haverford College and is majoring in History with double-minors in French and Film. She is originally from Santa Monica, California, but has also lived in San Francisco and currently resides in London with her family. Charlotte enjoys cooking, watching movies, going to sports games in Philadelphia. In addition, she enjoys traveling, surfing with her dog Cassie, and skiing during the winter in Solitude, Utah. After college, Charlotte hopes to start her own line of women's sports apparel.
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