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Noah Quinn ’18

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Haverford chapter.

Name: Noah QuinnYear: FroshHometown: Chicago, ILMajor: Undeclared, but likely Political ScienceRelationship status: Cuffed 

How are you involved on campus?When I’m not pursuing my scholarly endeavors, I play on the Men’s varsity lacrosse team. I also regularly administer ass-whoopings in Mario Kart in Tritton (challengers welcome) 

What is your spirit, animal and why?Bison. The Bison teaches abundance and strength of character along with harmony and expression of gratitude and honor for all creatures. I’m family oriented and highly adaptive. Much like the Bison, I also make a great burger and occasionally poop in nature. 

Describe your ideal date.Stuffed with Mascarpone and wrapped in Prosciutto


Where are you most likely to be spotted on campus?Perfecting my Sriracha-scramble at the DC egg station, feeding Chicken fingers to the birds at the Duck Pond, studying in McGill, or at 710 College Avenue on the weekends. Oh wait…

Have you read 50 Shades of Grey? Thoughts?What happens in my bathtub is none of your business.

Would you rather only be able to sprint to your classes or only be able to crawl to your classes and why?Crawl, hands-down. I’m healthy-thick in the right places and this campus is ready to see it.