A Look at Sochi Fashion

So far Sochi has been jam packed with all sorts of exciting action. We’ve seen everything from intense slalom skiing to pressure-filled hockey shootouts. This list is bringing you our favorite “uniforms” that we’ve seen at the games so far. While the figure skaters have the obvious leg up with their glitz and glam, don’t count out a few other sports to sneak in!

Figure Skating: Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy (Russia)

This pair of Russian figure skaters performed a highly entertaining Pink Panther inspired routine. Aliona’s pink body suit was the clear standout in the pairs program! The couple ultimately earned a bronze, coming in second in the short program and fourth in the free skate.

Figure Skating: Jason Brown (USA)

Jason Brown performed his “Riverdance” on ice and showed the rest of the world exactly why he is so fabulous. His outfit was the perfect fit for his music and style of performance. While Jason may have ended up in ninth overall for the men’s figure skating competition, I have no doubt he will be back stronger than ever at the next games!

Curling: Norwegian National Team (Norway)

The Norwegian Men’s National Curling team knows how to make a big splash at most of their Olympic games. Known for their exciting style choices, this year was no exception as the team rocked red white and blue patterned suits (not on the ice of course). The Norwegian curling team had an exciting finish to their Sochi games losing in a tiebreaker round to Great Britain and getting denied advancement to the medal rounds.

Ice Dancing: Elena Ilinykh and Nikita Katsalapov (Russia)

This year, all of the ice dancing competitors provided exciting storylines for viewers to follow. Perhaps one of the biggest standouts was this Russian duo who performed a Black Swan styled piece. Performing some incredible stunts, the two managed to grab the bronze medal behind USA and Canada.

Team USA

While it may seem cliché, Team USA rocked some knit sweaters designed by Ralph Lauren. These were the outfits worn by Team USA during the opening ceremony. The good news is, you too can be a part of Team USA and buy yourself some of the Sochi designs online!