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HerCampus Haverford Athlete of the Week: Cory Walts

Cory Walts, our very own Fitness Center Coordinator and Strength and Conditioning coach, has been making Haverford athletes bigger and stronger since 2007. With unfaltering enthusiasm, braced abs, and a whistle in hand, Cory has helped lead several teams on campus to success. Not only has he enhanced the college’s varsity and club sports programs with sports specific training, but he has also designed and implemented health and fitness programs to benefit the entire campus community.

Name: Cory Walts
Occupation: Fitness Center Coordinator; Strength and Conditioning coach
Hometown: Albany, New York
What else are you involved with at the college?
As the Fitness Center Director, I have to cater to everyone who uses the facilities and equipment. I run a number of fitness programs and physical education classes for students. I’m director of the Joe Schwartz ’83 3K Memorial Run/Walk and put on several strength and conditioning summer camps for high school athletes.
What has been your proudest moment thus far at Haverford College?
All of the ‘firsts’ I’ve had the opportunity to play a role in the past five years- the men’s lacrosse first conference title in 2010, the field hockey and women’s lacrosse first-ever berths in their conference tournaments, and most recently, women’s basketball’s first conference playoff win.
How do you choose the athlete of the week?
Honestly, it’s a pretty subjective process. I look at the effort athletes put in the previous week. It is entirely based on strength and conditioning and not at all on team practices.
What is your secret to being awake and enthusiastic at all hours of the day?
I go to bed early. Sleep is equivalent to natural caffeine, and I don’t drink coffee.
How do you choose which team to represent attire-wise each day?
I base my wardrobe on what team I’m going to see the most on a given day and on what is available and clean. I don’t buy team apparel and only wear what is given to me, so if I have a low number of shirts for a given team, I won’t be wearing their gear as frequently.
If you could choose a theme song for your workouts, what would it be?
Welcome to the Jungle.

Funniest moment in the weight-room?
Either when Dom Meeks fell off the glute-ham raise and contorted into a backwards U or when Dan Hochberg fell off the treadmill and hit the wooden column. Dom’s wasn’t funny at the time, but to see someone fall like that in the weight room and then be one of the most successful athletes on campus is funny in and of itself.
What would I find in your refrigerator if I were to look right now?
Skim milk, water, veggies, lunch meat and honestly, I don’t know if I can say this or not, but a Miller Lite or two on occasion. Oh, and salad dressing- I love raspberry vinaigrette.
How do you get your backside so ‘bubbly’?
It didn’t always look this way, but squats are definitely the key to tight glutes.
What is the most important part of a sandwich?
The wheat bread is essential.
If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?
An orange tree, because they keep on giving.
If you try to fail, and succeed, which have you done?
Failure is never an option.
Do you have any traditions or rituals before big games?
No, I don’t believe in pre-game rituals. Preparation is what matters most.

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