F**CK You In Particular: A Playlist

It’s that time of year when salt is in the air. Maybe you and your high school 
sweetheart just broke up, maybe your summer fling just posted pictures of them 
with another partner on facebook, maybe you’re still dealing with seeing your 
recent ex around campus, maybe you and your frenemy are on the outs, or maybe 
you’re just a salty person who has a lot of salty feelings stored up.
If any of these feelings apply to you or have every applied to you and you want to 
relive them for masochistic feelings listen to this new playlist!
This playlist is not for the faint of heart, there are no sappy love songs included here, 
there will be no tears for the lost partner in your life.
This playlist works on two 
separate levels: the first is that your ex partner is a sub par human beings, the 
second is reminding them that anyone after you is a massive downgrade. 
Listen to these songs while strutting around campus or sexily working in the library. 
Listen to these songs when you’re alone and need a moral boost.
Listen to these songs at a pregame to get everyone hyped.
Listen to these songs whenever you want because they rock.