Dom Burford: Training Room Tyro

As the newest member of the Haverford Athletics family, Dom Burford- a senior at Eastern University- has been assiting the Athletic Training team this fall. If you visited the  training room this semester, you'll know that his bubbly personality and hip hair-do are dead giveaways for this celeb!

We caught up with Dom earlier this week to talk about his experience thus far...

Explain a day in the life of Dom Burford... How do you balance being a student at Eastern with the time you spend at Haverford?

I go to work every morning as a computer lab monitor at Eastern (where I watch Netflix for 3 hours instead of doing homework or something productive). Then I go to class. Then I come to Haverford to assist Melissa and the other certified Athletic Trainers, which is my internship this year. I look forward to coming to Haverford every day. I am learning a lot as an Athletic Training student and the student athletes here are very friendly

What's your favorite part about working as a Haverford College Athletic Training Assistant?

Interacting and conversing with the athletes. The students here at Haverford are very intelligent obviously and it is fascinating to see how intrigued they are about their injuries. This challenges me to have to actually explain their injuries, rehabilitation techniques, and treatment protocols to them in a more detailed way than I had to do at past clinical sites

Have you had any funny/awkward encounters while working so far?

Sometimes when I do hip flexor/groin wraps, the ace wrap ends in awkward places (just ask Megan from the Volleyball team)

Describe each of the full time Athletic Trainers in one word.

Melissa- Animated

Curt- Cantankerous

Tiff- Crafty

If you could have one Training Room related super power, what would it be?

MRI vision (in a non-creepy way)


We wish Dom the best of luck with the remainder of his internship here at Haverford! Check back soon to stay updated on all the celebrity here on campus, Squirrels!