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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Haverford chapter.

Hi all! A big thanks to everyone who contributed to this piece, hope everyone learns at least one new thing.

First idea is a classic and comes from Tori Hopkings:

1) Quesadilla

Grab a tortilla/pita bread from the bread shelf, cheese from either the sandwich or salad bar (shredded cheddar is always in the salad bar in case you prefer it), and you can add your choice of meat or some other fun filling.

Fan favorite: add sliced grilled chicken 

pc: Tori Hopkins

The next couple ideas come from Jimmy Wu and are pretty self explanatory 

2) PB&J Panini & Waffle

3. Italian Flatbread or Lettuce Wrap

On either lettuce or flat bread, layer cheese, salami (or another meat), lettuce, onion and peppers. Top with dressing (olive oil and vinegar). Roll, and cut it in half or into bite-sized pieces. 

4. Siracha Teriyaka Fried Rice

Your chance to use the frying station! All that’s needed is a little bit of oil, rice, teriyaki, siracha, an egg, salt and paper, and then any vegetables you want to add are optional! Stir fry veggies first, then rice, and finally create a whole in the rice and put in the egg. Stir egg until it scrabbles and then mix with the rice and add the fried veggies and sauce!

Thank you Hanna Yoon for help on these next sweet treats

5. “Rachet” milkshakeor as I like to call it, off brand oreogasm 

Vanilla soft serve, a bit of milk, and oreo crumbles. It’s critical you use a knife to mix it. 

6. Personalized waffles!

Add your favorite toppings to the waffle mix. Hanna Yoon like’s adding berries or chocolate chips to hers! 

Thank you Alex Bernas for this next idea:

7. Pancakes filled with anything

Pour waffle mix on to a pan in the omelet bar, add nutella, berries or chocolate chips, and then cover it with more waffle mix. Flip when ready!

Matthew Soulanille reccomends:

8. Nutella on ice cream 

Kristen Mullin points out all the pastabilities:

9. Mac & Cheese

Use noodles from noodle bar, some milk, and cheddar from the salad bar to mix up some great mac and cheese in the microwave. Warm milk in the microwave, letting it bubble and reduce slightly. Add shredded cheese and mix to melt the cheese. Put in a tiny dab of butter, then stir in the pasta. Microwave again to get the sauce to coat the pasta. Microwave Mac ‘n Cheese!

10. Class it up! 

Melt butter in a bowl. Add a spoonful of Parmesan, a smattering of garlic powder, a shake of red pepper flakes, a drizzle of olive oil, and a serving of pasta. Mix, adding more Parmesan as you go.

This next one is my personal favorite and a staple in my diet

11. Tomato and Ham Grilled Cheese

Start by cutting tomatoes from salad bar in half and toasting two pieces of potato bread. Once the bread is out of the toaster, put butter on both sides of both pieces of bread. Next put your choice of cheese on the bread and then place one slice of ham on top of it. Finally put the tomatoes on top of the ham and place the other slice of bread on top of the sandwich. Cook on the panini press until golden brown. 

12. Old Bay Fries

Coat your fries with the deliciousness. 

13. My Dad’s Special Dumpling Dip

Ketchup and soy sauce

You can thank Buzzfeed for this last bit:

12. Personal Almost-Pie

Microwave a sliced apple with cinnamon and brown sugar or honey, then top it with granola to make a personal almost-pie.

13. Breakfast Pita Pocket

Combine scrambled eggs with cheese and beans from the salad bar to make a breakfast burrito (pita pocket).

14. “Almost” Tequila Sunrise

Fill a glass halfway with ginger ale. Top with orange juice, then cranberry juice. Illegal flask optional.

That’s it for now! Don’t forget to utilize the waffle and panini makers!

~Xoxo Bridgie B 

Bridget Galvin is a first year at Haverford College from Anchorage, Alaska. Bridget binges alone and doesn't know how to say no to a plain glazed doughnut. When she's not explaining to people that she cannot see Russia from her house and that she has never used sled dogs to get to school every morning, Bridget enjoys writing songs, listening to podcasts, and eating tea cookies.