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5 Things to Look Forward to This Semester

Good news! You made it through fall semester and have come out on the other side! Wondering about the exciting things that are happening this semester? Look no further as we have a list of the top five things we consider to be the best of this spring semester in 2014!


It comes every year, but there’s no denying that Haverfest is one of the highlights of the spring. This year should be especially awesome, since it is our Grand Haverfest! Extra budget has been set aside to bring even more exciting musical acts and fun to Founders!

Sochi Olympic Games

Starting on February 6th, the Sochi Olympic Games are in session! We cannot wait to have the TV running all day with our favorite events. It is the perfect end to a long day of classes. After all, the best way to survive the snow outside is to watch amazing athletes conquer the weather on the slopes!

Improving Weather

While it may seem incredibly far away, the warm weather is coming! When the weather really warms up, head out to Swan Field and catch the men or women’s lacrosse teams in action. Just down the way you can check out tennis, baseball, or softball. The warm weather brings about a whole new list of fun sporting events on campus to attend.

New Classes

With fall semester coming to a close, the spring semester brings about a new round of professors and classes. In addition, you have the opportunity to meet new faces as many juniors return from abroad and will be with you in class!

Exciting TV

There are tons of big events that will be televised in the upcoming weeks. The Super Bowl is early February, which will be an exciting conclusion to the NFL season! As mentioned, the Sochi games start shortly afterwards! March Madness starts for men’s college basketball as they begin to enter their postseasons. Switching gears, there are a ton of award shows that are happening this spring! Be sure to check out Ellen Degeneres hosting the Academy Awards in early march. Finally, the spring premieres for tons of television shows are guaranteed to keep you busy avoiding homework!


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