Zambrero: The (Charitable) New Burrito Stop in Town


Let me entreat you to a brief discussion on burritos and all things holy and heavenly: burritos again. Zambrero is an Australian-based chain that just opened in Harvard Square on 71 Mt Auburn St. Not only does this place use the healthiest and finest ingredients, have a wide variety of ingredients and menu items, and donate a meal for every entrée purchased, but the food is crazy good! Not convinced with that? Let me break down why you need to go.


1. Look at those options. It’s all you could ever want, including all you vegans out there. Burritos, bowls, nachos, quesadillas: what more could you ask for? They even have six different sauces and wild rice!

2. At the exact moment this picture was taken, Zambrero donated 21,568,937 meals. You can be part of making that number go up. You can go “Mexican With a Mission.”

3. This place will never give you trust issues, unlike a lot of things and people at Harvard. Everything is done in front of you. The ingredients they use, produce included, are shelved cutely rather that hidden, dim boxes.  

4. They give you non-skimpy, happy burritos. At the end, they even add limon! If you don’t know whether I’m referring to lemon or lime, end the age-old debate and find out in store.

Go do yourself and someone else a favor. Go Zambrero.