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What Your V-Day Flowers Say About Your Man

First of all–did your bae get you your favorite flowers?  If not, I’d advise holding a few interviews for his replacement.  If your boo thang did not previously have the crucial knowledge of flower preferences, or your favorite flower is like poisonous and illegal in the U.S.,  it’s okay.  If he didn’t know your favorite flower but got you a bouquet, that means we get to psycho-analyze his intentions and status in the relationship by his choice in flowers.


If you got roses the color is CRUCIAL!  Red roses, besides being a totally basic move, are usually indicative of more sensual intentions.  If they were pink, then your suitor is most likely to have more innocent things in mind–so if you’re into him you could probably lock that down.


Personally, I love Irises: they’re a little quirky looking, their petals aren’t very defined, and chances are that if your man got you these he isn’t either.  He probably has no clue what the status of your relationship is and he may not want to, given his preference for challenging conventionality!  This one has personality though, so I’d play it out.


Tulips are sweet, and are the kind of flower that can achieve a nice balance between the sensual and naive innocence.  If you got tulips, I’d say that you’re in a nice transition phase.


This dude has no clue! That’s it.

And if you wanted flowers but didn’t get any, you can go buy some for yourself since I’m sure they’re going to be on sale!

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