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What You NEED to Follow on Instagram

We are women of Harvard. We are women of class, brilliance, and beauty. And we are also women of Instagram -- devoutly.

Why is that? Why are we on Instagram so much? Twitter is all but dead, Facebook is riddled with moms and Crimson articles, but Instagram is still purely cool. Why?


The answer seems to be that Instagram is like a picture book of real life. It’s like doing your readings for class, but not really at all. And it’s like a free escape --  a way to travel to anywhere in the world, to look at endless hordes of hot people doing hot people things -- without actually leaving lecture. Or moving more than the tip of your thumb. It’s amazing what greatness can come from such minimal effort.


Anyways, in order to make your Instagram experience even better (if that’s possible) we here at Her Campus Harvard have put together a list of the best Instagram accounts out there, the ones you absolutely NEED to follow. So get out your phone, and follow as you read along. This is important. V. v. important.


1. Britney Spears (@britneyspears)


Normally celebrity instagrams suck, but Britney’s is an exception. Instead of endless posed publicity photos and my-life-is-better-than-yours shots, Britney mixes her perfection with imperfection -- alongside every professional photo promoting her show in Vegas, she has ten low-quality pictures of her kids, a bunch of videos of her dogs, and a handful of awkward mom-selfies. The best part about this Instagram, though, is her smile.

So awkward. So motherly. And so wonderful.


2. Betches Love Cheese (@betcheslovecheese)

This account is a slice of heaven. It’s the GOAT (cheese). And you cheddar give it a follow. That was too far, wasn’t it? I’m sorry. But seriously, it’s amazing. EVERY PICTURE is something cheesy and heartwarming. There are things made of cheese, things filled with cheese, and things with cheese on top. It’s got to be the cheesiest account on instagram (lol).

Also, this. 

Also also, this. 

3. Marnie the Dog (@marniethedog)

I really love Marnie right now. I’m not sure if everyone already did back in 2010 or something and I was just late to the party? But whatever, I still love him. (Him? Her? I’m not sure. S’cute either way.) Marnie is some sort of fluffy canine confection who lacks the ability to walk without a wiggle or close his mouth properly. He basically sits around in funny costumes looking at you looking at him. The best part about him are the captions, which make the adorable pictures actually hilarious.


Marnie even knows celebrities, and has pictures with everyone from Selena Gomez to Chance the Rapper to the Hulk. He’s also been all of the places we want to go, like Paris and the MET and a nightclub with Taylor Swift. Ughh. Why am I so jealous of a dog? I don’t know. Pls help.


4. Food in The Air (@foodintheair)


This account is probably my favorite. Its genius creators decided it was a good idea to travel places (okay, great, we’ve all done that) and forgo the annoying, look-where-I-am-yay shots of every tourist attraction ever (thank the lord). Instead, they focus on the important things in travel: the food. Every shot on this account is a high-quality, colorful, heart-string-tugging portrait of a delicious chunk of food being held in the air. It’s simple, it’s stupid, and it’s amazing.




There is nothing more rewarding than scrolling through ice cream cones floating over mountains, donuts floating over water, and burgers out-sexying athletes over ballparks while you finish up that 12-1 lecture. Dream eats and dream locations combined definitely call for a follow. And the best part? It appears (through some intense background squinting I tried to confirm this) that they’ve featured Harvard.


5. Her Campus Harvard (@hcharvard)



And lastly, but most importantly, you totally need to give Her Campus Harvard a follow. Specializing in gorgeous pictures of your school, your friends, your favorite Her Campus Staff, and everything else relevant to your life, our Instagram account is a perfect little bubble of Harvard happiness. Not only does following us make your life better, it makes your life easier -- throwing us a follow will let you know about all of the fantastic happenings at Her Campus Harvard, from giveaways to new campus cuties (it could be your crush . . . !) to events you’ll be dying to go to. So follow us! We’re wonderful! You’re wonderful!




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